Monday, January 30, 2012

Food Truck Frenzy

Red Koi
The Food Truck Frenzy that has reached South Florida is out of this world! I thought why not go and sample the food in some of the many food trucks out there, bringing back some 411 for you. I checked around and saw that there was going to be a Food Truck Invasion occurring at Tamiami Park that very same weekend so I decided I'd join the frenzy and make it a Food Truck Friday.

Shrimp In The Blanket
In order to truly be adventurous, I tried out several food trucks. I started with an appetizer at Red Koi. I've been to their restaurant for sushi and curry and have enjoyed it but I wanted to see what their food truck was about. I decided to order their Shrimp In the Blanket which is shrimp stuffed with ground chicken, wrapped with rice paper, fried and served with plum sauce. Very tasty. I liked the combination of the chicken and the shrimp and the plum sauce gave it that sweet and salty flavor I enjoy. The portion came with 4 medium sized shrimp. I would've loved to have more because they can become addicting, but I needed to continue on to the next leg of my adventure.
Ms. Cheezious
Crabby Cheese Melt
My next stop was a favorite for me: Ms. Cheezious. I usually have their Goat Cheese and Prosciutto  sandwich which is a heart-stopping, mouth-watering sandwich made with goat cheese, prosciutto, tomato and arugula on marble rye bread. I have to close my eyes when I eat this one because I don't want to miss a single sensation of each bite I take. This time though, I wanted to venture out of the box so I ordered another one of their "Must Haves": The Crabby Cheese Melt. This creation is a combination of fresh made crab salad with sharp cheddar cheese on sourdough bread; then grilled to perfection until the cheese is melted into the salad. I found it to be very tasty and fresh. I accompanied it with a side of Sweet Potato Fries that were crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and delicious all over.  Although I am loyal to my Goat Cheese and Prosciutto sandwich and it continues to be my favorite, I can definitely see why the Crabby Cheese Melt is a must-have on their menu.

Malanga Cafe
Pan Con Lechon
I walked around some more and found some trucks I hadn't tried before. The first one was Malanga Cafe, a truck claiming it has "The World's Best Pan Con Lechon" Well, I don't know if it's the world's best, but it was pretty darn good. The meat was moist, very flavorful and a generous amount was served on a hefty piece of bread; mixed with onions and toppings like lettuce and tomatoes.

Latin House Grill
Muffin Top Box
We then came across Latin House Grill. By now, we were obviously pretty full but they had an interesting burger on their menu we just had to try. It's called the Muffin Top Box and it's a 1/4 lb mix of ground brisket, chuck, sirloin slider in a freshly baked brioche bun. The toppings included tomatoes, onions and a special sauce that appeared to be made with avocadoes .The burger also came with a side of nachos and cheese. This dish was the highlight of my evening! I had to go find out what kind of meat was in the burger because it tasted scrumptious! Just the right seasoning and cooked to the perfect temperature. I also saw there were other versions available such as the Cuban Muffin Top with dulce de guayaba mermalade and queso blanco and a French Muffin Top with brie cheese, topped with sliced almonds and honey. Just imagining that combination of flavors on their delicious burgers makes my palate jump with excitement!  Oh my, I think I just might become a stalker!

Guayaberas and Chocolate Cupcakes
Sugar Rush
As I made my final rounds, I came across the food truck for Sugar Rush. They offer an array of creative desserts ranging from delicious cupcakes, to sweet corn creme brulee with cane sugar and ancho chili lime popcorn, to thick, creamy shakes. Sound decadent? It is. I looked at their cupcake selection for the evening (since it varies) and found my favorite was there: Guayabera. Visualize a guava cake with guava filling, cream cheese frosting and a piece of guava on top. Yes, it's as good as it sounds. I figured these mini cupcakes are so cheap at a $1.25 each, I'd get four, so I also ordered their Chocolate Cupcake made with double chocolate cake,  chocolate butter creme and chocolate sprinkles. I know that sounds like an awful lot of chocolate, but when you bite into it, all you can think of is "Give me more". I took my little box of cupcakes, excited that  now I'd have tiny moments of happiness to take home. If you don't have a Food Truck event near you and are craving some of their sugar rush, they have a store on 9549 Sunset Drive called Sweetness Bakeshop where you can choose from a large variety of cupcakes and other delicious treats to your heart's desire.

I walked slowly back to my car, and quickly checked my phone to see when the next Food Truck Invasion near me would be taking place. I'm definitely looking forward to trying out some more gastronomical surprises. If you want to try different kinds of foods, at great prices, in a nice relaxed environment, join the frenzy and sample some of the unlimited yumminess the Food Truck revolution has brought to South Florida.


  1. I almost tasted the shrimp in the blanket ha ha, Amazing review. Cheers Vic

  2. Thanks! It was delicious!! Close my eyes and retaste them every chance I get. :)

  3. looking forward to you trying us Cucina Al Mare !

  4. So am I! Can't wait to savor your authentic cuisine!