Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Johnny V Restaurant and Lounge

I always love to visit Las Olas and take in the ambiance of the picturesque strip of stores and restaurants that line the street.  I was especially excited this evening to be having dinner at Johnny V Restaurant and Lounge, located at 625 E. Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, and co-owned by award winning Chef Johnny Vinczencz. When we first arrived, I noticed the restaurant had a nice seating area outside, where most of the people were sitting. After debating whether to join them "al fresco" or go inside where it was warm, we decided to bypass the people watching and enjoy the cozy surroundings inside.

Lobster, Lobster, Lobster
The waitress came over to our table right away and brought the menu. It had several items we wanted to try and it took us a while to make up our mind. Finally, we decided to go for the  Lobster, Lobster, Lobster as one of our appetizers.  It sounded rather interesting since I love lobster and would be enjoying it three different ways: in a Sherried Lobster Bisque, Baby Chilled Lobster “Roll”, and a  Lobster Crab Cake. Of the three preparations, I was particularly fascinated by the Lobster Bisque. It was very flavorful, with an appropriate amount of lobster meat, and without having a strong sherry taste or being too heavy. The "roll" was actually more similar to a lobster salad, but tasty nonetheless; and the lobster crab cake was a mouth-watering treat that came alive in a combination of flavors, especially when joined with the sauces that accompanied it.

Breast of Duck Meatballs
For a bit of variety, the next appetizer we ordered was Breast of Duck Meatballs.   The three "meatballs" were sitting on a Portobello Mash with Pesto, Pine Nuts, and a Demi Glace.  All of a sudden, I regressed to my early childhood and  decided I didn't want to share my meatballs! They were that succulent! After those tender moments of bliss, we ordered our entrees.

They were the Sage Grilled Mahi Mahi  and the Venison Three Ways: Venison Chop, Sliced Venison Tenderloin and Venison Blueberry Sausage.  

Sage Grilled Mahi Mahi
The Mahi Mahi was served on top of a Rock Shrimp Plantain Stuffing, which was bathed in Lobster Pan Gravy. To bring an exotic flavor to the dish, there was a hint of Cranberry-Mango Chutney, and all was paired with Baby Green Beans and Carrots. Absolutely divine! The taste of sage was very prominent in the fish and when this flavor mixed with the sweetness of the Cranberry-Mango Chutney, there was a serious explosion in my mouth. Definitely took my time savoring each bite!

Venison Three Ways

The Venison was no exception.  The meat was tender and bold and the distinct fashion in which each of the three portions of venison was prepared, gave a totally different rendition of this tasty meat. Being that I like mixing sweet and salty, I especially enjoyed the Venison Blueberry Sausage. The dish came with a trio of baby Baked Potatoes with Three Cheeses, Grilled Leeks and Black Berry Demi Glace.

Chocolate Sampler
Finally, came the time I always await with a childlike anticipation: Dessert! Succumbing to my weakness for chocolate, I caught a glimpse of two words on the menu that held my gaze and made me look no further: Chocolate Sampler. I had the pleasure of sampling a Cheesecake Bar, Brownie with Nutella Ice-Cream, Peanut-Butter Cup & Chocolate Pudding with Biscotti. Remember my regression into childhood earlier in the dinner and my refusal to share? For some reason, it resurfaced now! This is definitely a tantalizing dessert I highly recommend and would have over and over without hesitation. Needless to say, I really enjoyed my evening at Johnny V and find his take on mixing Latin flavors with bold Caribbean influences a very refreshing twist on American cuisine.  For reservations, call 954-761-7920   http://www.johnnyvlasolas.com/.
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  1. Wow. Maria Elena how do you stay so slim eating such decadent meals :) they all look absolutely amazing and choices I would have made myself. The appetizers in particular look delicious. Now I am dreaming of Duck meatballs... yummmm

  2. Gets harder and harder everyday! LOL..That's why I got an elliptical for Christmas so I now have no excuses when I can't get to the gym. Yes, the appetizers were the most amazing part of the meal with that yummy dessert as a close second. They also have a great selection of cheeses which I will probably try next time I go. Thanks for your comments :)