Friday, April 20, 2012

Food Truck Frenzy Part 2

Recently I did a Food Truck Frenzy post where I sampled a few of the awesome food trucks out there cooking up some really hearty cuisine. Of course, there are so many incredible ones offering a finger licking good meal,  that it is virtually impossible to try them all. But feeling a need for some mobile grub,  I decided to try my hand at Thursday's Wheels & Meals at Tropical Park. This is a fun event where bikers, custom car aficionados, and food trucks get together and chill. I checked out Food Truck Invasion's page online to see the lineup for the evening, and found a couple of the trucks I was looking forward to checking out were going to be there. So, I got into my very own 4 wheels and drove on down to get me some meals; bringing you guys Food Frenzy Part 2.

Miami Spice Grill
The weather was not the best, but since it held up most of the evening, it was all good. (Other than of course, the fact it wasn't the most ideal hair night). Once we walked in, the first food truck I spotted that I was dying to try was Miami Spice Grill.   Their slogan is "Bringing Fire to the Streets" and I could see why. A picture I had seen of one of their Yuca Bowls had haunted me since I first laid eyes on it and I was about to find out why tonight.

Steak Yuca Bowl
Yummy Fries
As I looked on their menu  board, I noticed they had a variety of bowls to choose from, so I decided on their Steak Yuca Bowl. It was a yuca treat, shaped like a bowl (which is no easy task), and filled with exquisitely seasoned grilled churrasco, lettuce, chopped tomato, onions, cilantro and a homemade roasted garlic mojito. I saw a light flash across the sky as soon as I bit into it, and I don't know if it was lightning or imaginary fireworks set off by the delicious flavors. At first, I was going to eat it with a fork, but a couple of veteran fans of Miami Spice Grill sitting next to me quickly encouraged me to put the fork down and pick up the bowl; allowing me to sink my teeth into all of the ingredients at once.  I will be forever grateful for that suggestion. So extremely delicious! The pieces of meat were very tender and retained the flavors well during the grilling process, and the mojito sauce, well that just brought it all together.  It turns out they have a selection of about 8 or 9 sauces that are all homemade and believe me, they make all the difference.

Say Yuca Bowl!

Shrimp Yuca Bowl
The very friendly folk of Miami Spice Grill saw the look of intense joy on my face when I finished my bowl and they mentioned how the Shrimp Yuca Bowl had a totally different taste but would blow my mind as well. I hesitated for about two seconds, but knew I couldn't say no. In a matter of minutes, off I went into yuca oblivion again with this morsel of tastiness. The Shrimp Yuca Bowl came with chopped shrimp and all the other fixings of the Steak Yuca Bowl, but I noticed the sauce was different. This one was a garlic lemon butter sauce which truly stood out. The shrimp and the sauce went very well together; and combined with the hot, toasty yuca, was another hit with me.  I most definitely enjoyed the food at Miami Spice Grill.

Overload Philly Steak Bomb
Overload Extreme Street Food
Next up, I trecked on over to Overload Extreme Street Food. They offer a variety of monster burgers and subs that will bring a smile to any meat lover's face. I looked over their menu board, and found I wanted to try just about every item there. Then I saw their staple..the king of all subs..the reason we all know where Philadelphia is on the map: The Overload Philly Steak Bomb; and I said "I do". Holy Moly was it good! It was made with shaved ribeye steak, provolone cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms, and sweet peppers. The minute I had my first bite, I wanted to break into song and belt out my rendition of "Motown Philly" by Boyz II Men. It was that delicious!  The ribeye was shaved so thinly, you practically didn't have to chew it. It was flavorful, fresh, and full of melted cheese in every bite. The provolone was perfect in the sub because of its fuller taste and satiny consistency; and the peppers added a hint of sweetness to the experience that was unparalleled. And it was big....oh so big!

Imagine sinking your teeth into this...

Cheese Fries
Meat Lover's Dream
As a side dish, I had their Cheese Fries to continue with the cheesy motif and they were great. As I stood there, I noticed how several customers came by just to pick up specific subs for their husbands, or to get a couple of burgers to go. I then realized the freshness of their food and the love and dedication they put into creating it, made people drive out here, or anywhere they were stationed, just to have it. That says a lot. By the time I was done, and after I had taken a few deep breaths to aid in the digestion of all the food I had just consumed, I noticed there were still a couple of subs I wanted to try, like their Give Me the Farm and their I Love You Bleu. Overload Extreme Street Food, you'll be seeing me again soon.

As I walked to my car (or rolled-depending on how you looked at me), I couldn't help but realize that the food trucks I visited tonight had a loyal following of customers that kept returning. I thought that was a great sign of how loved the Food Trucks are in our community, and I wondered how many more also enjoy that kind of support. That's when it hit me...I wasn't done yet. Soon there would have to be a Food Truck Frenzy Part 3...

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