Monday, April 30, 2012

NoVe Kitchen & Bar

I am a lover of fine dining in every way. I love to walk into a restaurant and feel a positive energy and a welcoming ambiance. I love to appreciate the presentation of my food for some time before I start eating. I love to taste exquisite flavors and truly savor the moment with each bite and I love to sense the passion and dedication a chef feels when he is preparing his creations - for that is what cooking is: a culinary art. When all is said and done, it all boils down to one thing: I love NoVe Kitchen & Bar, located at 1750 N. Bayshore Drive, in the Opera Tower.

I visited NoVe a few days ago and I am still thinking about the experience. I was so impressed and wooed by their food and service, that I have not been able to stop talking about it. It isn't just one thing that makes NoVe so spectacular, it is the combination of everything it encompasses - a central location, a chic ambiance, outstanding service and the most creative and original Japanese cuisine I have ever tried. It all began when I stumbled across NoVe online and thought the place sounded perfect for one of my adventures. I was even more intrigued when I got to sample their food during a recent Yelp event; finally deciding it was time to see if their food was as good as their menu sounded. It wasn't just as good, it was in a class by itself. The name NoVe stands for "North of Venetian"; cleverly referring to the geographical area in Miami where the restaurant is located. Their menu is very extensive, offering a combination of traditional Japanese dishes infused with familiar, American fare.  It was this uniqueness and originality, created by Chef Hiro Terada, that stood out most for me. Chef Terada is a master in his art; being first introduced to sushi making by his father as a child and then continuing to learn his craft and develop his talent in RKC Chef’s School in Kochi. His expertise in creating unique dishes with exceptional flavors have previously brought his signature style to other restaurants in Miami, but is presently the heart and soul at NoVe.

Spicy Ocean 3
Opera Tower
I knew I wouldn't be able to sample everything that intrigued me in just one visit, so I selected different rolls, focusing primarily with those from Chef Hiro Terada's Originals portion of the menu. I started with the Spicy Ocean 3, a sushi roll made with tuna, salmon and yellowtail, bathed with an inspiring trio spicy sauce, and topped with tempura flakes and scallions. It was delicious ! The spicy sauce had a definite kick to it, without overpowering the taste of the fish. The fish was very fresh and the tempura flakes and scallions added a crunchy texture to the roll. Next, I got down to business, anticipating the arrival of the chef's originals. The first roll to arrive was the one that blew me away hands down: the Opera Tower. It absolutely took my breath away! This roll consisted of tempura fried lobster, asparagus and avocado inside the roll; covered in a mound of their trio spicy sauce, tuna, crab, tobiko, scallions, mayonnaise, tempura flakes and a sweet sauce; all mixed together in perfect harmony. The flavor of the mix was so enticing, I wanted to scoop every last morsel with my spoon. Generous in size, its taste was unparalleled.

NoVe Slider
Up close and personal
Next, I tried a very unique and interesting roll on the menu: the NoVe Slider. A playful original by Chef Terada, it was made with grilled skirt steak seasoned just right, swiss, cheddar, pepperjack and cream cheese, fresh avocado, portobello mushrooms and scallions, rolled in a bun. A burst of flavor in every bite,  the combination of cheeses permeated the "roll" as it combined with the juicy tenderness of the steak. Wow! I was very curious about another roll on the menu so I ordered it next. It was the Calle Ocho roll. The calle ocho roll is another whimsical roll, and as the name suggests, holds a latin flavor to it. Made with skirt steak, black beans and avocado, and topped with tender pieces of sliced plantains, this roll is a perfect tribute to Miami; each bite exhibiting the spanish flare so reminiscent of a trip down eighth street. The combination of sweet and salty flavors does the trick and leaves you wanting more.

Calle Ocho Roll

Shrimp Ceviche
Yellowtail Carpaccio
Since the night was young and I was having such an unforgettable adventure, I was overjoyed to try another special chef's creation: the Shrimp Ceviche. While there are a variety of ceviches available on the regular menu, this one is not. Just think of it as ceviche royalty. Envision six U15 shrimp (they were enormous!), mixed together with yuzu-ceviche sauce, sliced cucumbers, chopped red onions, cilantro and kaiware; resulting in the most fragrant of flavors. It was both refreshing and satisfying all at once, with a most unique and delectable taste.  Finished with this heavenly dish, I sampled one more sushi treat: Yellowtail Carpaccio. The thin slices of yellowtail were covered with red onions, scallions, tomatoes and cilantro and sat in the chef's special ginger, balsamic vinagrette sauce; giving it a most amazing flavor. The tender fish dissolved in my mouth into tasty pieces of paradise.

Dark Chocolate Ecstasy Cake
Panqueque Flambee
While I wish I could have tried more of these captivating dishes, I knew I'd have to wait for a future visit because there just wasn't any more room. But thankfully, the experience wasn't over just yet, and I had room for dessert. Looking at the menu, I couldn't decide between two, so I had both: the Dark Chocolate Ecstasy Cake a la mode, and the magical end to my night: Panqueque with Dulce de Leche Flambee and vanilla ice-cream. Being the chocolate lover that I am, I was mesmerized with the cake - rich, moist and decadent. Couldn't put the spoon down. Then I tried the Panqueque, and suddenly, the world spun. No, it wasn't from overconsumption. It was the incredible taste of the dessert; with its flambeed dulce de leche seeping out from between the crepe as I swirled it with the vanilla ice-cream. Heavenly!

All I could say is that one must return several times to NoVe to get a true feel for their menu. It is that large and impressive! While I was in the mood primarily for sushi, their menu includes a variety of cooked dishes as well including blackened and grilled fish, teriyaki chicken, duck, burgers and fried rice. They even offer a children's menu for the little ones. NoVe will be celebrating its one year anniversary next month, and I look forward to seeing what other imaginative creations Chef Terada will surprise us with. You have to go see for yourself what I'm talking about. After a night of admiration and culinary extravaganza, it wasn't just an was an adventure to remember. For more information, you can contact NoVe at 786-871-7727 or visit them online at

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  2. Hi. Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoy my website! As for the web browser compatibility question, sometimes my post will look one way in one browser, say Explorer, and the pictures will be rearranged differently in another. I have had a few people tell me a picture is not visible through a particular browser they're using and it's fine in mine. The only thing I've done when it's been brought to my attention is basically just move things around in my post and reload the pictures and so forth. Since I have access to a couple of different browsers, I also try to work on the changes in both places to see if it makes a difference. By the way, I absolutely love sushi and have been wanting to try learning how to make it...perhaps even take a class. I looked at your web page and I love it. I can't wait to try out your suggestions! :)

  3. I love this place and happen to live in the building. I always go when wanna have a quick bite before going out or take out when feeling lazy to cook. The food is outstanding.
    From the menu I recommend the chicken lettuce wraps and the crunchy crab salad (I alway get this) and a while go they showed on their Facebook page a pekin Duck roll (from the duck dish they also have in the menu) that is actually not in their menu, it is out of this world!!! If u ask for it and the waiter is not sure of it, just ask for the chef and he will make it for u :-)
    loving the page and looking forward to Check more reviews of the Miami area :-)
    Best regards. Angel

    1. Thanks so much Angel! I'm glad you like my page. I absolutely love Nove! Each time I go, I'm excited to experience the passion that Chef Hiro Terada puts into his creations. Thank you for the tips! I have been dying to try the Peking Duck Roll from their Exclusive FB Menu. It looks so incredibly good. Last time I went, I had their Spicy Tuna and Avocado Bon Bon and I still think about it often! LOL. I'll be doing a post on their new menu once it debuts, so keep an eye out! :) Warm regards, Maria