Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Joint Bar & Grill (CLOSED)

Those of you who know me, know I am a die-hard Miami Heat fan! As we prepared to continue stealing The Thunder on Sunday night's Game 3 Finals (pun intended..lol), a group of us decided to go watch the game at a South Miami neighborhood gastropub, boasting a giant projection screen: The Joint Bar & Grill, located at 9555 South Dixie Highway.

The Joint Bar & Grill is a family-owned restaurant and bar that offers classic American food at great prices. You can always find both father and son working around the restaurant; making sure everyone is having a good time. Besides sporting a very casual and fun ambiance, perfect to watch a game, you can expect to find delicious gourmet dishes, and a great staff.  On Sunday, the place was packed, and there were great beer and drink specials to get the crowd started. Of course, my adventures always revolve around ways to tantalize your taste buds, so here's a preview of a few gastronomic treats you will find on The Joint's new menu when you go watch The Heat win The Playoffs.

The Croqueta Preparada Burger
Seared Tuna Tacos
First thing's first. The Joint cooks up a burger I had been dying to try since The Grind Miami: The Croqueta Preparada Burger. It is made with a Creekstone Farms Certified Premium Black Angus and Serrano ham patty, and topped with crunchy slices of Serrano ham, Manchego Cheese, a delicious homemade Serrano ham and Manchego cheese croquette, pickles and mustard; all served inside a toasty bun. I ordered it and I scored!! It was good!  I felt like Wade in the third quarter of Game 2. Hot! Another winner at the table was the Seared Tuna Tacos. These were four soft tortillas topped with seared ahi tuna, asian slaw and a wasabi avocado cream that gave it an electrifying kick. Not only was the taste fresh and delicious, but the presentation was awesome!

Spicy Chorizo Tacos
Still hungry from all the energy we were expending high fiving each other, we ordered the Spicy Chorizo Tacos.  They weren't kidding when they named them! These hot little suckers consisted of four soft flour tortillas served with a spicy Mexican chorizo, pico de gallo and a flavorful sour cream guacamole. While they were tasty, we could really feel The Heat when we bit into the chorizo. If fire-breathing spicy is your thing, then this is the dish for you! Just make sure to have a nice, cold pitcher of beer nearby. Deciding to try and score one more basket, we ordered the Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese Croquettes. Interestingly enough, when they arrived at the table, they looked more like papas rellenas (stuffed potatoes) than croquettes. Round, drizzled with guava sauce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese, they were another 3-pointer for Team Heat.

Joint Donuts
Popcorn N Waffles
Into the fourth quarter, we figured we needed to attack the desserts. Two of them caught our eye. We had the Joint Donuts and the Popcorn N Waffles. The Joint Donuts were The Joint's very own version of Thai Donuts - with a Latin flair. Not only were they served with condensed milk, but also with a sweet guava sauce! Oh Yeah...Slam Dunk! But wait! There's more. The Popcorn N Waffles were my all-time favorite. Get a load of this: bacon and chocolate waffles that practically melted in your mouth, were served with homemade popcorn ice-cream and topped with a Jack Daniels maple syrup. I want you to just imagine that burst of flavors in your mouth. Exactly! It was that insanely good!

By the end of the game, we were all no longer thirsty (clearing throat), our tummies were happy and the Miami Heat had won their second victory against the Oklahoma Thunders in the Finals 91-85. I can't wait to go back to The Joint for some more incredible Heat action and their amazing food! Go Heat!

For more information, you can contact them at 305-603-9929 or visit them online at www.thejointbarandgrill.com.

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