Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita

Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita...No, I am not introducing myself. This is actually the name of the restaurant I had my latest adventure in, located at 1000 South Miami Avenue; right in the heart of pulsating Brickell. It's a real hot spot, in an eye-catching locale, which holds as much history as it does originality in its name.

The building that Dolores (as it's affectionately called) is situated in was originally built in 1923; following the architectural design of the time. A beautiful Mediterranean Revival style classic, Dolores features a two-story hipped roof, with an arcaded porch and unique balconies. It wasn't always a restaurant though, and its past is very interesting. Back in the day, this was the site of Miami's Fire Station No. 4 which is why about two decades ago, it was the home to another popular restaurant appropriately called Firehouse Four. This place had a rocking Happy Hour that brings back more than one happy memory... but let me get back to the point. The building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Dolores opened its doors in October of 2007. The decor is phenomenal; offering a panoramic view of the Miami Skyline from its upstairs, outdoor dining area.  Indoors, the flowers and lit candles contrast against the sleek white furniture, creating a chic and trendy ambiance. Downstairs, hip Miamians and others gather for dancing and drinking and you can always expect a crowd in the later hours.

Entertaining my taste buds with their creamy secret recipe spread...

Causa with Shrimp
Huevos Rotos
The concept at Dolores is unique, featuring three prix fixe menus ($15.99, $19.99 and $23.99) which include an appetizer and an entree. The food is an eclectic mix of International flavors cooked in an original fashion. You can choose from any of the appetizers but what determines the price is the entree you select. This particular evening, we had gone to a Happy Hour event nearby, and after a few drinks, I was in the mood for some good eating. The two appetizers we chose were the Causa with Shrimp and the Huevos Rotos. The Causa with Shrimp was a pleasant surprise, considering this is not a Peruvian restaurant. The texture was perhaps not as creamy as I've had before, but it was tasty and had a nice combination of flavors. One thing that was different in its preparation was that the shrimp were actually finely chopped within a shrimp salad that topped the causa, so you didn't really see them. The Huevos Rotos were mixed with fried garbanzos and chorizo iberico. It was a scrumptious dish; think Spanish Tapa meets the Magic City.

Kobe Beef Gourmet Mini Burgers
Blackened Tuna Avocado Sandwich
The first entree we had was the Blackened Tuna Avocado Sandwich with Wasabi Mayo, tomato and grilled red onions.  It had a huge slice of avocado, which was hard to keep in the sandwich but perfect for me because I'm a fan. The tuna was nicely seasoned but it was well-done and I prefer it medium rare. I find overcooking it can make it a bit dry. The sandwich was served with a side of shoestring fries that were absolutely crispy and delicious. The second entree we ordered were the Kobe Beef Gourmet Mini Burgers, which also came served with shoestring fries. These were excellent and rocked our taste buds. The meat was tender and juicy, and combined with the bacon and toasty bun, it was a match made in heaven.

Guava Flan

We ended the meal sharing a dessert. I was intrigued by the Guava Flan and after my first creamy, sweet spoonful, I was in ecstasy. It was amazing! The silken texture was addicting and the rich guava on top sealed the deal. I had to buy another one to go just to replicate the experience at home. Dinner at Dolores was a fun experience...and you can call me satisfied.

For more information, you can call Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita at 305-403-3103 or visit their website at

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