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Italian Culinary Experience Hosted By Casa Vinicola Zonin

Photo Credit: Zonin Prosecco
At the risk of stating the obvious I have to say I love food! What pairs better with an eye-rolling culinary experience, than  a memorable glass of wine? Casa Vinicola Zonin USA, one of the most prominent family-owned wine making companies in Italy since the 1800s, has recently hosted a series of Italian Culinary Experiences at the Miami Culinary Institute in Downtown Miami, featuring the different regions of Italy. Each of these experiences has showcased the culinary talents of chefs from local Italian restaurants, and has presented superb food and wine pairings that exalt the authentic flavors.

Chef Sergio Sigala
The latest culinary experience featured the Lombardy region. Executive Chef Sergio Sigala, from Cecconi's Miami Beach located in the Soho Beach House Miami, created the remarkable food pairings. I thought I'd share some of these wines with you because in addition to being phenomenal, (as all the wines Casa Vinicola Zonin USA offers traditionally are), four of these in particular were just recently introduced to the U.S. market. They were produced in the Tenuta Il Bosco Estate, a region that has long been recognized as the cradle of Pinot Noir in Italy. A total of five wines were featured, including the well known Zonin Prosecco, and I believe they are going to be a huge hit.

Photo Credit: Zonin Prosecco

Before I go into the exclusive wines, I'll start with my all-time favorite: Zonin Prosecco. This is truly the shining star among Proseccos. Prosecco is a sparkling wine from the Veneto region, with an extremely delicate almond note that can be enjoyed on its own or with a meal. Its fresh and fruity flavor profile makes it easy to pair with a variety of foods, and its great price makes it an excellent choice for toasting with friends. As you know, I love brunch, and whether at home or at a great restaurant, there is nothing more refreshing and memorable than a Mimosa or a Bellini made with Zonin Prosecco. Add a little Apperol instead, and you have a sweet-tasting Spritzer. Prosecco in the morning, Prosecco at night; the possibilities are endless.

Braseola Roll with Parmesan Cheese and Arugula

As an aperitif for this pairing, Chef Sigala prepared a Braseola Roll with Parmesan Cheese and Arugula. The combination of the salty meat and cheese went very well with the dry, crisp taste of the Prosecco.  I am looking forward to trying a similar pairing at home next time I have company. Its really no wonder that Zonin Prosecco has not only become very popular in restaurants, but can also be purchased at the local wine store.

Photo Credit: Zonin Prosecco
Photo Credit: Zonin Prosecco
If you're looking for another great wine to pair with either an appetizer or antipasto, you might want to try Tinoto Il Bosco Oltrenero; a decisive fresh wine with an ample bouquet and fruity notes. It goes very well with starters, as well as pasta dishes and seafood. Chef Sigala paired it with Trout on Grilled Polenta. It was a delicious combination of flavors.

Bread and Spinach Gnocchi
Trout on Grilled Polenta
For an entree, or for heavier dishes, I would recommend the Tenuto Il Bosco Bonarda. It was definitely a favorite. Although it will currently be available only in restaurants, I can't wait until it can be purchased locally. I happen to love reds and this one was the best I've had in a while. Its deep ruby red color and intensely fruity aroma pairs well with sausages, meat-filled raviolis, stews and aged cheeses. I had it with Bread and Spinach Gnocchi topped with Summer Truffles. Delicious!

Photo Credit: Zonin Prosecco
Photo Credit: Zonin Prosecco
Another excellent wine to pair with First and Second Courses or meat dishes is the Tenuto Il Bosco Pinot Nero. This red wine is soft and rich, with discreet almond notes. It was paired with an exquisite Risotto with Rabbit and Mushrooms to bring out the flavor. Finally, Zonin showcased a wine whose fragrance and balance make it a perfect companion to either appetizers, light dishes, shellfish or desserts. It was the Tenuta Il Bosco Oltrenero Cruase. This rose had a pleasant, fruity flavor that complemented our dessert: Pears with Ricotta Cream and 
Spiced Wine Sauce.

Pears with Ricotta Cream
Risotto with Rabbit & Mushrooms
Personally, I believe a good glass of wine can enhance the flavor of a dish and make the dining experience more complete. When you are embarking on your own adventures, keep an eye out for these wines and others from Casa Vinicola Zonin USA, and give them a try. I think you'll enjoy their quality and find your own favorite. By the way, while Soho Beach House Miami is a private club, hotel and spa, Cecconi's Miami Beach is open to the public. It offers an elegant and relaxed dining experience and is currently participating in Miami Spice. 

For more information on Casa Vinicola Zonin USA, visit their website at http://www, and for information on Cecconi's, visit

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