Monday, December 10, 2012

The Flavor Fusion Artisanal Foods

Feel like getting into a jam? And I don't mean the traffic kind but the smooth, fruity, refreshing one that goes just as good with toast as it does with a side of sharp cheddar. Then look no further. Miami's got a new kid in town that's been brewing in the kitchen for just a couple of months, and is already jamming to the beat of its own drum: The Flavor Fusion Artisanal Foods.

Paradise on a Cracker

With Lenette Hernandez
I met Lenette Hernandez, owner and founder of The Flavor Fusion Project, a fun, witty website that brings cooking and writing alive for its readers, in a 5K Run/Walk held at St. Brendan Catholic School on October 21st.  I was participating in the run (for some reason I thought I was Zac Efron in Seventeen Again until I started to lose my breath 32 seconds into the run), and I was scoping the food vendors around the field for a post-run meal. (You see where my mind was?) It turns out Lenette was there launching her line of jams and marmalades; a sweet and savory fusion of flavors that was causing a crowd to form around the table. I was drawn immediately, and after a few samples, I knew I had to share this find with the rest of the world. So sit back and enjoy a tasty look into The Flavor Fusion Artisanal Foods.

By the time you read this post and watch the video, I will have finished eating my delicious jams. I know that after having my fix of Lenette's sweet treats for a week, I cannot go without a couple of jars in my refrigerator. The problem I'm facing now is deciding which ones to order: Pineapple-Vanilla Jam, Spicy Mango Chutney and Mixed Berries Preserve, or their spiked Chardonnay Jelly, White Zinfandel Jelly, and Basil Chardonnay Jelly.  Each one offers its own unique balance of flavors: sweet and tart, hot and sweet, tangy and warm; making them the perfect complement to a variety of foods and situations. Regardless, I will be jamming quite extensively this holiday season.

We're jamming...
A basket of The Flavor Fusion Artisanal Foods makes a great holiday gift and is also a taste bud tickling appetizer for your holiday table. Pair them with a selection of cheeses and gourmet crackers and you've got yourself a party. You can now catch them at the Coral Gables Food Market at the start of the New Year and see for yourself what natural, healthy jam is supposed to taste like. Oh and when you order your jams, grab a bag of their Jam Center Cookies or a dozen cupcakes. You will keep coming back for more.  To place an order, or for additional information, you can visit their website at The Flavor Fusion Artisanal Foods, follow them on Twitter at @TheFlavorFusion or email them at

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