Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adventures of the Foodaholic's 1 Year Anniversary Celebration at NoVe Kitchen & Bar

I wanted to write this post to give a huge THANK YOU to all our friends and fans who celebrated our One Year Blogaversary Celebration on March 13th at Nove Kitchen and Bar with us. It was an amazing evening full of delicious food artistically created by the talented Chef Hiro Terada, tantalizing cocktails, sweet alcoholic cupcakes by Sweet and Tipsy, and incredible bites prepared with jams and marmalades by The Flavor Fusion Artisanal Foods.

DJ Drew kept the tunes spinning and we had a blast participating in our very own Foodaholic305Shake; a foodie's version of the Harlem Shake.(Check out DJ Drew's site to find out how you can download their app, EOSfm, and stream awesome music all the time)  Tweeting was a must, of course, and prizes included a gift card to NoVe Kitchen and Bar, and two free months of boot camp at Q4 Fitness Miami (gotta work off all the mouthwatering food).


Everyone enjoyed the fun and I can't wait till we all get together again soon. A special thanks to Ivan, Gus, Chef Hiro, Veronica,  Lenette and Andrew. You guys are the best! Lots of love to Betty from SFG Magazine for covering the event and capturing the memories forever and a big "you're da bomb" to Ari and Daniella from Hedonist/Shedonist and Soul of Miami for their amazing post and coverage.. To catch some more eye-popping food porn from the event, check out Monika Zdziebkowska's photo coverage for Miami Photo Life.

Let's relive the moment! Check out the pictures of Adventures of the Foodaholic's Blogaversary Celebration and don't forget to click on the link to catch our "Foodaholic305Shake". Hugs to you!

Watch out Vogue: With Lisa Concepcion
and Maude Eaton

Getting down to the Foodaholic305Shake. There's Dougie
Fresh with his spinning hat! Oh and thanks Eddy Fernandez for shooting 
the video!  I know you're in there somewhere!

Oh yeah! The Heat's got nothing on

Veronica Hurtado from Sweet & Tipsy and Lenette Hernandez
from The Flavor Fusion Artisanal Foods shaking too

One of Chef Hiro's foodgasmic creations

Tweeting away for the prize!

Breakfast buddies: With Sara Regalado and Raymonde Reyes

The Salmon Ceviche was spectacular

Through the years: With Damaris Abreu,
 Thelma Perez and Lydia Sabatier

Cheesing for the camera: With Schikenna
Scott and Tatiana Gomez

Lenette Hernandez and her delicious treats

Veronica Hurtado had us craving  something sweet as we
got tipsy

Get out your smartphones...

The Spicy Edamames were a hit!

All Smiles for the camera

Victor Losada kept the goodies coming! Thank you!

Yes, Victor...we agree! Thumbs up
for NoVe Kitchen!!

Thelma Perez and Damaris Abreu enjoying the yummy dishes

Enjoying the deliciousness <3

The best of the best: With Chef Hiro Terada, Ivan and Gus.
Thanks again for hosting such a wonderful event for us!

Les Bradley from Q4 Fitness Miami and Michelle Muraro,
social media guru, keeping us in line.

The gang enjoying luscious libations and tasty bites! Vikram 
Vankamidi, Lenora Stafford and her beautiful aspiring chef
daughter, Schikenna Scott and Tatiana Gomez

Melissa Ginsberg, The Foodie Teacher joined the fun

Christian Williams and Rafael Brazon Di-Fatta enjoying
the Spicy Edamame

Raymonde Reyes and Sara Regalado- my peeps!

Awesome gang! With DJ Drew, Veronica Hurtado and
Lenette Hernandez

The cupcakes were insanely delicious and practically flew
out of the glasses

Andrew and Augusto Adrianzen - fellow expert foodies

One of The Flavor Fusion's creations!

The calm before the shake...

Crazy Tuna Rolls

California Rolls

Great friends! 

Calle Ocho Roll

Duck Roll - You were so right Augusto and Andrew!

DJ Drew
More Craziness...tuna that is!
With awesome photographer from SFG Magazine Betty
Alvarez, Lisa Concepcion from Lisa Takes Miami
and Food extraordinaire Maude Eaton from South Florida

Coconut Shrimp were to die for!

Fab Foodies: With Eva Leung, Lisa Concepcion, and Daniella
Veras from Hedonist/Shedonist and Soul of Miami

More deliciousness on a platter...

Didn't I tell you this was an amazing place? If you didn't
come to the missed out! But hurry and try
NoVe Kitchen soon. You'll be a fan just like me!

With Rafael Brazon Di-Fatta and Christian Williams

With Lydia Sabatier and Liceta Vasquez-Portela

With Chef Hiro and fabulous
photographer Monika Zdziebkowska

The Hedonist and Shedonist Ari Kane and Daniella
Veras enjoying some foodporn! :)

I know what you're thinking...NoVe rocks! And can we
 do the Foodaholic305Shake again?



  1. Feliz Anniversary, Maria!
    Sorry I missed the food-abration!

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you! I'm sorry you weren't able to come also. Would've loved for you to be there. But we'll get together soon and extend the celebration! xoxo