Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SPRUNG! Spring Beer Festival

And the fun is about
to begin!
I'm liking this one...

What's a four letter word that makes you feel tingly all over and relaxes you on those hot, steamy nights? Put away those dirty minds; this is a PG-13 site...I'm talking about BEER. And that is what we had a lot of on March 9th at Sprung! Spring Beer Festival, which took place at Peacock Park in Coconut Grove.

So much to drink....where do we start?

Second stop...
We've only had four....
Put together by the same group that brings us Grovetoberfest, the idea of creating a spring festival-of-sorts featuring Spring and Summer seasonal craft beers actually came to be thanks to the genius of beer enthusiasts who attended the Fall event last year. They wanted something similar to Grovetoberfest in the spring, giving them the opportunity to sample beers considered to be the best brews of the year.  Over 150 craft beers joined the fun, along with a selection of ciders and home brews. Some of the showcased breweries included Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Brewery, Kona, Blue Moon and Magic Hat, while local Florida beers from Schnebly, Cigar City, and Tequesta Brewing  also quenched our thirsts.

Herbie Fully Wasted

Would you believe
me if I told you I was
in there?
Brave Girl
The event was a huge success, offering not just a paradise for beer lovers, but also some tasty food vendors, a section for games like Giant Jenga, Human Bowling and Mega Twister, and a stage for a beer and food Perfect Pairings workshop presented by local chefs and beer scholars from FIU.  Executive Fantasy Hotels set up a big area to promote their themed rooms with sexy cowgirls, funny picture ops and Bull Riding - which I was dying to do but couldn't because I was wearing a skirt. (Again, this is a PG-13 site). There was also a VIP tent serving a special selection of beers and tasty treats. (My favorite was the Lobster Risotto!)

Bird's Eye View

Tony Albelo (Right) at
At Barley & Swine's Presentation
I'll take the entire skewer please.
The place was packed, and everyone was having a good time. Event Director, Tony Albelo, hit it out of the park with this one and I'm sure we'll all agree Grovetoberfest is just too damn far away! How about a Beach! Summer Beer Festival?

Bottomless fun!
Fourth Age Brewing's Original Names
By this point, I was seeing two DJs

Nothing like watching youth take a political stand

Perfect Pairings Workshops
One Direction in Twenty Years
Lock em up and throw away the beer.
What goes in, must come out.

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