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Toscana Divino - Brunch

For months I had been dying to try out an Italian place in the Mary Brickell Village. Toscana Divino, at 900 South Miami Avenue has been open for almost a year and a half now and I recently discovered, it is a great place to get a little of that Tuscan sun on. I was excited to find out they were offering a brunch, (not only on Sundays, but on Saturdays too, by the way) and on one slightly rainy, totally Miami kind of day, I headed over to the charming place.

Tuscan anaconda designer handbags
Impressive wine selection
Stepping into Toscana Divino is experiencing the Tuscan lifestyle with a more cosmopolitan flair. There is a large wine cellar right behind the bar that houses an impressive collection of Tuscan wines, while the walls are lined with artwork showcasing Italian artists. The homey ambiance is accentuated even more by the single sunflower sitting on every table and the contrasting candles that surround it. The restaurant is a joint business venture between the city of Florence, the region of Tuscany, and Toscana Divino, LLC, led by restaurateur Stefano Cavinato and Tommaso Morelato.   It was interesting to learn that modern Italian food is not the only thing you'll find here, but also a large selection of authentic items imported from the heart of Tuscany such as porcelain table settings, handmade glassware and luxury handbags guaranteed by the 100% Consortium Italiano to promote craftsmanship from the Tuscan region.

With Chef Julian Baker and Tommaso Morelato

Toscana Divino's brunch menu offers a varied selection of dishes that are not only exquisitely prepared but beautifully presented. Chef de Cuisine Julian Baker, a British native who found his passion for Italian cooking while living and working in various cities in Italy, uses local ingredients along with Tuscan-sourced foods (for example, their mozzarella is imported twice a week as is their olive oil) to create contemporary versions of traditional dishes. Having traveled extensively through Italy, I enjoy the modern-approach Chef Baker brings to his cooking; allowing us to experience here in Miami, what we can expect to taste in Italy right now.

Eggs Florentine
Tartara di Salmone
I sampled several items from the brunch menu and was floored with the flavors in each of the dishes. The Eggs Florentine, one of my favorite egg dishes, was creatively prepared to combine ingredients that would tantalize our taste buds. Organic Poached Eggs sat on a bed of Salame "Finocchiona" and Tuscan Kale, all on a Toasted Crostino, while a bold Bearnaise Sauce took the sensation to new heights. I couldn't believe the intensity in each bite. Just as memorable was the Tartara di Salmone, a salmon tartar created with White Sturgeon, a layer of sour cream, herbed crepe and egg, all sprinkled with organic chives.

Unbelievable breadsticks

Scrambled Eggs & Prosciutto
Zucchine e Pomodoro Omelette
Another dish I reveled in was the Scrambled Eggs & Prosciutto, consisting of organic scrambled eggs, Prosciutto di Parma, Bruschetta Tomato and Mustard Arugula. Simple yet classic, it had the perfect balance of tastes and textures. The Zucchine e Pomodoro Omelette was excellent as well. Served in an iron skillet, seasoned grilled zucchini sat atop an egg frittata,  alongside tomato confit, burrata cheese and organic greens. I loved both the colorful presentation and the medley of flavors that balanced each other. Wanting another bite of their freshly sliced salmon, I also tried the Salmone Affumicato, a generous helping of thinly sliced smoked salmon with blue point oyster, cucumber radish, pickled red onions, frisee & watercress salad, a dash of oyster mayonnaise and fried capers. You can see the variety of dishes is just spectacular for a brunch.

Salmone Affumicato

Of course, you know I always like to end with something sweet so I completed my adventure with their specially made Tiramisu. Served as a cappuccino, the rich treat was crowned with a creamy mound that sent me blissfully into a food coma. I was ready for a nap and some sweet Italian dreams.


Bottomless Mimosas and a Rose
here and there
Awesome service with
a smile
You'll be very happy to know that you can order Bottomless Mimosas with your brunch and when they say "bottomless" they mean "bottomless". There was never a moment when our glasses weren't full. Which brings me to their service: top notch. The attention to detail did not go unnoticed and I enjoyed the welcome feeling and constant smiles of all the staff.

Brickell's weekend mornings just got even more exciting with Toscana Divino's brunch and I can't wait to return for a taste of their dinner. Remember ladies, the strategy is simple. Choose one of their unforgettable bottles of Tuscan wines, sip it while savoring the mind-blowing cuisine, and once the soothing and relaxing effects take over, walk your man over to the amazing handbags and choose one, maybe two. The perfect ending to a remarkable meal!


In the meantime, you might want to check out their cooking classes and wine seminars. For more information, visit their website at or call them at 305-371-2767.

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