Saturday, August 31, 2013

Edge Steak & Bar - Miami Spice

The Miami Spice adventures continue and one place whose menu I was itching to check out was EDGE Steak & Bar at the Four Seasons located at 1435 Brickell Avenue.  I'm a die hard fan of Chef Aaron Brooks and whether it's literally pigging out at their Sunday Brunch or going raw with one of their tartars during dinner, I just can't get enough.

So it's safe to say that it's really no surprise that EDGE has become quite a powerhouse among local foodies and tourists alike. The food is consistently good, the drinks are solid and the service is great. The question would then be, does their Miami Spice menu capture that? The answer is an unwavering "hell yeah".

Bring on the starters. There are three options to choose from: Croquetas, Terrine or Red Salad. Since there were two of us, we shared the Croquetas and the Terrine. The croquetas were creamy and flavorful, made with chicken and truffle, and served on a shallow pool of carrot puree and parsley salad. The Terrine was unbelievable. A square of pure ecstasy, combining the distinct tastes of pork and duck with just the right combination of fatty decadence, sat on a platter awaiting our eager forks. We topped each slice of grilled bread with the jellied treat, a sliver of preserved peppers and a dollop of spicy mustard. Bam! What's that behind the Terrine, you ask? Well, it's no other than EDGE's Don't Ask Don't Tell; one of their signature cocktails. Of course cocktails are usually not included in the Miami Spice promotion but you have to have a couple when you come here. Since I couldn't help but down it rather quickly (I love sweet drinks), I thought I'd try Edge of the Moon, Four Seasons Miami's "100 Mile" cocktail. The Four Seasons brand started a program last year to carry the farm-to-table concept beyond their food, to their drinks, by featuring one cocktail per hotel which would source all the ingredients from within 100 miles. Flagler Lighting Moonshine, Mango, Key Lime, Strawberry, and Mint were the magic ingredients in Edge of the Moon and they had Florida written all over them. It was rich and thick and reminded me of a refreshing smoothie with a welcoming alcohol kick.

Edge of the Moon

Mahi Mahi
On to the entrees we went. The menu offers Mahi Mahi, Lamb, Beef or Green Gnocchi. The preparation sounded fabulous on all four so we had to think about it for a while. We finally decided on the Mahi Mahi and the Lamb. The grilled Mahi Mahi was tender and flaky, served over an eggplant puree with slow cooked heirloom tomatoes and country olives. It was amazing. The lamb was bold and packed with flavor. Braised for hours with chipotle and spices, it gave the word "hot" a brand new meaning. The tasty meat was served with whole grain salad, fragrant herbs and a spoonful of yogurt and the combination of each ingredient created a unique symphony with each bite.

Cherry Bomb
Peanut Butter and Jelly
The desserts were just as impressive as the first two courses. There are two to choose from: Cherry Bomb or Peanut Butter and Jelly. Both are incredibly creative and sinfully delicious. The Cherry Bomb consisted of a black cherry bubble and pistachio pound cake crowned with vanilla bean ice-cream. The texture was perfect and the taste was just the right amount of sweet. The Peanut Butter and Jelly was a playful twist on a comforting favorite. A pyramid of peanut butter mousse covered a light and moist banana financier alongside a sweet strawberry gelee. All I can say is that after we were done, I wanted to rewind and start all over again.

This is definitely a Miami Spice must-do for 2013 and I highly recommend it. Their Miami Spice menu has a lot of varied options and it is an excellent representation of the superb quality of their full menu.  For more information on EDGE Steak & Bar, visit their website at

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