Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wok Star Cooking Class with Eleanor Hoh

I have to say that my idea of cooking healthy has always been to use either vegetable oil or olive oil in my recipes and perhaps bake instead of fry whenever possible. However, I recently attended a cooking class taught by my fellow foodie friend, Eleanor Hoh, that introduced me to a whole new way of preparing meals.

Eleanor Hoh, or the Wok Star as she is also known, is a cooking teacher, blogger and presenter that shares her knowledge of wok cooking in a fun, interactive way. She has developed an interesting, easy approach to teach people how to make healthy one-dinner dishes using fresh ingredients, absolutely no recipes and only 4 seasonings.

The lettuce wraps were my fave!
Eleanor Ho, Wok Star
Eleanor was born in Canton, China, and as a young child, escaped with her family to Hong Kong.  She later went to study in England, launching a career in the computer industry. However, she discovered she had a knack for teaching, and a passion for cooking, that she realized she got from her mother. After a number of years, she embarked on a journey that started in Key West and has since brought her to Miami, teaching those of us who have never used a wok, how fun, rewarding and delicious it can be. All of course, using her Wok Star Approach.

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens
I had the opportunity to participate in one of Eleanor's Wok Star cooking classes and I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon. First of all, the setting was relaxing and beautiful. The class took place in one of the event rooms in the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and since I arrived a bit early, I walked around the gorgeous gardens and indulged in nature. We started off our session with a bit of wine and some introductions. Eleanor taught us how to make a lettuce wrap that was refreshing, tasty and light. After we bit into our creations, we sat down and watched as Eleanor showed us how easy and quick it was to prepare meals such as Stir Fry Shrimp with Veggies and Tilapia in Spicy Brown Bean Sauce, using her specially created road map. Some of the participants even got the opportunity to don an apron and get their hands in the mix.

The Happy Graduation Class of new Wok Stars
Sound like fun? Well, Eleanor is offering three Special Series Wok Star classes, complete with prosecco and wine pairings, with none other than Casa Vinicola Zonin, Italy's largest privately held wine company (and my personal favorite). The classes will be held on August 21st, October 23rd, and December 18th. A trendy loft, the best Prosecco, and Eleanor's cooking talent equal one great time. For more information and a schedule of upcoming classes, visit her website at http://eleanorhoh.com/.

Showing us how to slice the vegetables just right

The combination of ingredients works wonder for the flavor of the dishes

The special wok can be purchased from Eleanor, along with some great
tools she has put together to enhance the Wok Star experience.

It was amazing how fast and easy it is to cook using the wok.

No recipe and just four seasonings is the way to go, according to Eleanor.

I loved hearing the great stories she told throughout the class.

Voila! One-Dish Dinner

Don't mind if I do...

And now for Part 2...

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  1. Thanks Maria for joining my class, appreciate your personal recommendation! Always nice to hear a foodie's perspective of my class. You're now an honorary Wok Star!