Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kegs & Eggs Brunch at Brother Jimmy's BBQ

Can you think of a word that rhymes with "eggs"? How about "kegs"? I bet you're thinking that's an unlikely pair but in fact, the twosome make for quite a memorable brunch. I was recently invited to a chillaxing get together hosted by Miami's favorite fashion blogger, Rosie Cordero, at Brother Jimmy's Barbeque in the Mary Brickell Village. While I've put some south in my mouth a few times before, I'd never tried their relatively new Kegs and Eggs Brunch, happening at the BBQ haven every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00-3:00 pm.

Brunching with the ladies

They weren't kidding when
they said Unlimited Mimosas
Getting the party started with
BJ's famous corn bread
Imagine unlimited mimosas and yes - beer, along with some southern, down-home brunch favorites. I had a hard time choosing from the menu because, let's face it, how do you reasonably pick between Chicken and Waffles and Carolina Benedict? That's like having to pick a favorite between two of your own children. So we decided to put the age-old quote to use and practice the "sharing is caring" philosophy; all the while sipping on our bottomless mimosas which never stopped flowing.

Chicken and Waffles
Carolina Benedict
While we waited for the feast to begin, we munched on Brother Jimmy's famous corn bread and maple butter. The pieces practically dissolve in your mouth so make sure you set a limit for yourself because once you start, it will be hard to stop. The first entree we sampled was The Chicken and Waffles. The plate featured a colorful delight of homemade belgium waffles topped with bits of hickory smoked bacon with red, plump strawberries alternating between boneless pieces of fried chicken. The ensemble was drizzled with their very own Bourbon BBQ maple syrup. Ta da! Next, we bit into the Carolina Benedict. This BJ version of the popular brunch dish was prepared starting with two pieces of their signature corn bread, and then topped with flavorful and smoky pulled pork, 2 poached eggs, and chipotle BBQ hollandaise sauce. It was served with their famous home fries and some fruit. I"ll tell you this one rocked my world.

A shot of bourbon infused with bananas? Yes please!

Home Fries
Stuffed French Toast
Because the home fries were so finger-licking good, I ordered an extra side. I mean this whole sharing thing can be a bit overrated when you want hands off your favorites. Which brings me to another awesome brunch pick at Brother Jimmy's: The Stuffed French Toast. Picture thick slices of Challah bread stuffed with peanut butter and raspberry preserves, then dipped in a sweet batter and topped with confectionary sugar. On the side? Some fruit and warm maple syrup.

Bloody Mary

Just when I thought I couldn't ingest anymore, liquid or solid, I overheard some talk about their Bloody Mary. I had hit the ball and run the bases but it was time to take it home. I have to be thorough for you guys, right? Down went the refreshing concoction. It was perfect with just the right amount of kick to keep the blood flowing and the tongue happy.  In case you're wondering how much the brunch costs, it is $29.99 for unlimited mimosas and beer plus one entree. If you haven't tried the Kegs and Eggs at Brother Jimmy's BBQ, you should definitely give it a shot, or two, or three.

For more information, you can visit them online at or call them at 786-360-3650.

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