Friday, October 11, 2013

Downtown Miami Spris Offers Fast-Casual Service With a Side of Paninis

Just last month, the Downtown area welcomed a new tasty resident to the Southeast Financial Center. Say hello to the second Spris, the popular Italian pizza place which first opened on Lincoln Road. Droves of tourists and locals alike have been flocking to the Spris on the beach for a while now to get a taste of the real deal. It's become a signature spot on Lincoln Road. The new Spris, located at 200 S. Biscayne Boulevard, serves its usual menu of perfect Italian pizzas, gourmet salads and Panini sandwiches, but in a fast-paced, order-at-the-counter style to accommodate the hurried Downtown clientele. Not only can you eat your heart out here, but you can also lift your spirits with well..spirits.  There is a nice selection of craft beer and wine.

I headed over to the new Downtown Spris to pig out a bit (OK...a lot) and savor some of that homemade Italian flair I love. For those who have a hard time making up their mind, beware. Spris offers a selection of over twenty varieties of gourmet, thin-crusted pizza, with over a dozen vegetarian options on whole wheat and gluten-free pizza dough. The good news is, if you come here a twice a week, you'll have had a chance to try them all in just two and a half months. Then you can start all over again indulging in their fresh entree salads and lip-smacking good panini sandwiches. 

Why continue talking about it? Just check out the images below and run down to Downtown Miami to get in some people-watching (I love how they run in sneakers wearing skirts) and make some weekend plans to return. Stay tuned because who knows? There might be another one popping up somewhere else real soon.

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