Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunday Brunch With The Yankees - NYY Steak at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

If you're a New York Yankees fan (which is a good number of the population) and want a piece of that "Yanks" vibe along with a helping of tender, juicy steak, then have I got the place for you. Just think of eating Sunday brunch surrounded by Yankees memorabilia, including a wall of autographed pictures and diamond-shaped dishes sporting retired numbers of some of the legendary greats. That's what you'll find at NYY Steak, located inside the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek at 5550 NW 40th Street.

I had never been to NYY Steak before and was excited when I heard they were revamping their Sunday Brunch (one of the meals I look forward to all week). I had heard of the famous steakhouse partly owned by the New York Yankees empire, with locations near the Rockefeller Center and the iconic Yankee Stadium, and I trekked on over to the casino on a sunny afternoon to enjoy some good eating. NYY Steak believes that "Like the Yankees, they never bring anything but the best to the plate." After my experience, I agree. The lavish buffet offered an assortment of traditional brunch dishes, as well as some creative originals that piqued my interest from the moment I saw them. The ingredients were fresh and the presentation hit it out of the park (pun intended). 

I figured I'd scurry on over to first base with either a Mimosa, Bellini or Bloody Mary. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe...Mimosa it was. After a few sips, I decided to start my feast in the Fresh Seafood Station. A tantalizing mirage (only real) of large Cocktail Shrimp awaited us, along with ocean favorites like Freshly Shucked Atlantic and Pacific Oysters, Crabs, and Smoked Fish. Not bad. A homerun with my first at bat.

Next up, I saw two words I love - Eggs Benedict. Only these were preceded by Philly Cheesesteak. It turns out that NYY Steak changes their brunch offerings on a weekly basis, and their creative Egg Benedict dishes vary as well. They may be made with lobster, sausage, steak or any other Yankee flavor. These were one of my top favorites of the afternoon. Topped with a perfectly poached egg and drizzled with warm, classic hollandaise sauce, it was a total hit. Needless to say, I filled my plate with a lot more goodies I totally loved. The Bacon Wrapped Scallops were divine and the Aged Prime Rib made me take a second trip to the Carving Station while nobody was looking. Other stations included Salad, (for the healthy eaters), Eggs and Omelet, Pancake, (a.k.a. heaven) and the ever-decadent Dessert Station, which featured mouthwatering Crepes filled with just about anything you could think of. (Did I mention I chose Nutella?)


After brunch, we were given a tour of the casino as well as some 411 on the future plans of the restaurant. We also got an upclose and personal look at their butcher shop, where the first class steaks are dry-aged and prepared into the delicious, juicy delights we indulged in. You can come here, buy them raw and cook them at home for your friends. I'm thinking my poolside summer BBQs are looking so much sweeter right now.

As I walked around, I noticed a casing with steak knives on the wall, and curious me needed to know what they were. I learned that NYY Steak gives this honor to frequent guests and players, and actually etches their name on the knife. I think I saw an empty space on the wall where a new knife etched with "The Foodaholic" might fit nicely. Hint Hint.

After a fabulous meal, I waved good-bye to Babe Ruth as I exited the restaurant, with a smile on my face and "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" playing in my mind. If you want to enjoy a delectable brunch, in an elegant, yet inviting atmosphere with live music and a friendly staff, check out NYY Steak. For more information, you can visit them online at

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