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Johnny Rockets New BYOB Menu

Will Diet Coke really make
a difference now?
Decisions Decisions
Ever thought if you could create your own burger, you'd knock the socks off of any burger aficionado? Well, starting now, you can. Legendary burger giant Johnny Rockets is giving you the opportunity to B.Y.O.B. (and I'm not talking about Bring Your Own Beer) by launching its new concept of Build-Your-Own-Burger; adding an extra helping of fun to their already exciting ambiance. In addition to indulging in one of their signature burgers, guests can now make their own by choosing from a selection of menu options which includes choosing the preferred type of protein, (turkey, chicken breast, soy boca burger or their mouthwatering 1/3 lb. world famous never frozen All-American beef burger), a variety of fresh toppings, add-ons such as a fried egg, bacon and onion rings (my personal favorites) and original  sauces for every taste.

No...it's not a mirage... it's a Johnny Rockets Burger

Dancing to the oldies at the shoot
Signature old school jukebox 
Restaurant chain Johnny Rockets has been around since 1986.  It has about 300 corporate and franchise-owned restaurants in 30 states and 16 countries and are known not only for their fresh burgers, but also for their decadent shakes. Using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients, their burgers are never frozen and grilled-to-order. While there are many new other burger franchises and brands that have opened up in recent years, few have acquired the reputation and success Johnny Rockets has. The 50's themed diner keeps bringing loyal customers back through its great food, energetic staff and jukebox-filled ambiance that takes us back to a simpler era.

The cast on the set

The crew filming another scene
The "Top Chef" contestants
You can learn more about their new B.Y.O.B. launch by visiting their website or by catching their fun commercial set to air soon. I had the opportunity to attend the taping and get a behind-the-scenes preview of what the burger-making fun is all about. It was quite an experience not only in video production but also in learning how passionate the Johnny Rockets team is about their product.

We know what we'll be eating later

Sweet Potato Fries
Trademark Ketchup Happy Face
But of course, nothing beats getting a taste of the action for myself, so I stopped into my local Johnny Rockets and had a hand at building my own burger. Take a look at my self-proclaimed "Foodaholic" creation in all of its meaty glory. Paired with their sweet potato fries and a Chocolate Madness Shake, I won't even begin to guess how many calories I consumed. But you know what? It was so worth it!

My very own Foodaholic Creation with:
1/3 lb. fresh All-American beef, lettuce, tomatoes,
chopped onions, mayo, bacon, a fried egg
and onion rings. Yum!

Chocolate Madness Shake
Feel like singing Happy Days
After Mr. Sandman, brought us our dream (in the form of some insanely good food and drink) we were ready to grab a balloon and head on home. On the way out, we had to Stop In The Name of Love and dance with the servers to some oldies. Fun time for sure! Oh, and since we were planning to go watch a movie, we purchased our tickets right there at the Johnny Rockets location for just $8. That was definitely another plus for the night. So burger lovers, if you're looking for a nice time out with your family or friends, and you know your burger is the bomb, head on over to your nearest Johnny Rockets and build it.

Here's another incentive. From April 21-May 11, customers can take a photo of their Johnny Rockets BYOB creation and upload it to the Johnny Rockets Facebook page. All images will be open to the public from the page, so guests can vote for the best one. The image with the most votes at the end of the campaign will win one free Johnny Rockets meal each week for a year. Time for some stretchy pants...

This post was sponsored by Johnny Rockets. All opinions are my own.

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