Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Windridge Yacht Charters and Toscana Divino Bring Miami The Ultimate Pop-Up Dining Experience

You know how you turn the pages of People Magazine ( I know you skim through it at the grocery store check out just like I do) and feel a tinge of envy at all the celebrities cruising around on luxurious, chic yachts? Well, guess what? You can put on your nautical outfits too and live out the lifestyle (minus the paparazzi) for an enchanted, mouthwatering evening.

Windridge Yacht Charters has joined the Entertainment Cruises family to bring a unique and upscale dining experience to Miami, featuring talented chefs from popular local restaurants who provide the ultimate pop-up on the water. Entertainment Cruises operates 30 boats in nearly a dozen U.S. cities, and is now adding the trending pop-up restaurant concept to its options in order to give individual cruisers the opportunity to enjoy a memorable meal out on the ocean without having to charter the entire yacht. (Which can be done for corporate events and other parties).

To launch the concept, Windridge Yacht Charters hosted two private events for the media, one in Fort Lauderdale and another in Miami, where members of the press got the chance to experience what local cruisers will enjoy when they book an evening aboard. We boarded the Lady Windridge (I bid adieu to land across from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach), and stepped into an oasis of detail, indulgence and pure pleasure. From the welcome cocktails to the passed hors-d'oeuvres, no stone was left unturned and the night set off to a magical start.

The first thing that took my breath away was the beauty of the yacht. Lady Windridge has four long decks that can accomodate up to 430 people as well as quite an impressive kitchen. It is elegantly decorated, with ample room to make any event special. However,  it still provides an intimate setting for those love birds that board with a romantic evening in mind.

Dinner was prepared by much-loved Executive Chef Julian Baker from Toscana Divino, who wowed guests with a lavish buffet consisting of Italian favorites. Guests enjoyed the meal in the spacious dining room, beautifully set up for the occasion, while sipping endless glasses of wine. After dinner, we indulged in a variety of desserts and coffee (my favorite was the Tiramisu, of course) and then went upstairs to get our dancing groove on as we enjoyed the ocean breeze and view of the coast. It was a perfectly romantic and enchanting evening that left a lasting impression.

For more information on Windridge Yacht Charters and their upcoming events, visit their website.

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