Sunday, August 31, 2014

Football Season and TGI Friday's

So Football season is just about here. And how do I know that? Because now date nights include beer, wings and places with lots of TVs. The good news is that I found a way for this time of  year to work for me and it is by including my favorite Cosmo in the mix at TGI Friday's

Last Monday the Miami Dolphins played a pre-season game against the Dallas Cowboys and that is always an adrenaline inducing rush for me.  Mainly because a couple of my friends are diehard Cowboy fans and I, of course, am a devoted Dolfan. We headed over to TGI Friday's for some Endless Apps (which are still going on by the way) and to watch the Dolphins beat the Cowboys (I had faith in them the whole time.)


The place was packed and rocking, and at $!0 an endless appetizer per person, and $3 drafts, we were rolling in fun times without hitting the bank too hard. If you saw the game, you know the Dolphins had to step up their performance in the fourth quarter but, with seconds to go, we defeated the Cowboys 25-20. My friends called it luck, but I think it was the combination of Boneless Buffalo Wings that kept landing at my table and the Cosmos I consumed as part of a new good luck ceremonial thing I got going for this season.

I know where I'll be on most game nights this season, (unless my dates forego the TV thing and actually take me to the game). I'll be sipping beer and cocktails while having some endless fun at TGI Friday's.

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