Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oceanaire - Miami Spice

I think its great that we can catch a Miami Spice deal for either lunch or dinner. Last week I had a seafood craving in the afternoon that just wouldn't budge. I headed over to Brickell for lunch and found my mouth watering in front of The Oceanaire Seafood Room, located at 900 South Miami Avenue in the Mary Brickell Village. I've indulged with dinner and brunch here before, but it was time to see what they put together for Miami's food lovers' time of the year.

A sneak peak into their goodies...

It turns out that just as their regular menu changes daily based on availability (it's always fresh here), so does their Miami Spice menu. On this particular day, they offered an appetizer of Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels that was intriguing. The dish was prepared with white wine, butter and shallots.. (Now that's what I'm talking about). Paired with a refreshing tea, (yeah right) it was a great beginning to temporarily erase the office blues.

Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels

Black and Bleu Churrasco
Who loves their carbs?
The entrees included more than just the expected seafood options. I noticed there was a meaty delight added to the mix. To enjoy the best of both worlds, we decided to go for one of each and shared the Simply Grilled Wild Alaskan King Salmon and the Black and Bleu Churrasco. The salmon's texture was unbelievably firm with a light, delicate flavor. It practically melted in my mouth and I loved it. It was served with grilled asparagus and creamy mashed potatoes. The Churrasco was juicy and tender, and served with caramelized onions and a blue cheese butter that elevated the taste to memorable heights. I was ready for a nap after my last bite. Unfortunately, duty called.

Simply Grilled Wild Alaskan King Salmon

Tres Leches
Ice Cream Brownie Sundae
Except, I wasn't answering till I had my fill of dessert. We indulged in their signature Tres Leches and an Ice Cream Brownie Sundae.. All of this for $23 per person? Not bad at all if I do say so myself.

For more information on Oceanaire and their Miami Spice menu, call them at 305-372-8862.

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