Thursday, August 27, 2015

American Social Launches Their Social Spice

The other day I told you about a restaurant that was holding its very own spin on spice, and now I got another one for you. It's American Social, located at  690 SW 1st Court in Brickell.  American Social opened its latest location a little under a year ago (you may be familiar with the spot on Las Olas) and the place has become a nice hang out for cocktails and networking with colleagues or just catching up with friends. Situated on the water and sporting street art on its walls and columns, American Social has a nice view and ambiance that is relaxed, casual and trendy.

Priced at $34 per person, their Social Spice menu offers three different selections to choose from for both appetizer and entree, and one dessert. At first I was a bit disappointed that there was only one option for dessert, mainly because I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But more on that later....

The three selections you can pick from for the First Course are the Cuban Cigars, the Smoked Wahoo Fish Dip and the Pretzel Bites. We decided to go for the Cuban Cigars (how can you pass up a name like that?) and the Fish Dip. Both dishes were delicious. The Cuban Cigars were pretty much eggrolls stuffed with smoked ham, mojo roasted pork loin, Emmenthal swiss cheese, kosher pickles, carrot, and radish. They were served with a sweet pickled dijon dipping sauce. It was an interesting combination of ingredients that worked really well together.  The Smoked Wahoo Fish Dip was entirely addicting. My dining companion thought I didn't notice he was trying to distract me so he could dip while I talked. Nice try. Creamy and with a smoky fish taste, the house made dip made a great pairing with the carrot and cucumber; giving the appetizer a healthy boost.

Cuban Cigars

Smoked Wahoo Fish Dip
The Second Course options were Herb Roasted Chicken, Wild Caught Salmon and Bolognese. We chose the chicken and the pasta. Prepared with vin blanc, the herb roasted chicken was served over creamy polenta and topped with a ratatouille-like crown. Of the two however, my favorite was the Bolognese. I really enjoyed the flavorful Bucatini pasta, bathed in a bolognese sauce with ricotta and parmesan cheese, and mixed with a blend of ground brisket, short rib, chuck and wild boar. The dish was hearty and well put together.

Herb Roasted Chicken


I told you I'd get back to the dessert and here we are. You know I'm a chocoholic so when all I saw on the menu was a Wild Berry Cobbler I panicked a bit. I mean I like berries and I know there are plenty of chocolate free desserts out there that are amazing (I can probably dish out a list) but I usually like to pick. Well, I'm happy to report the cobbler was awesome. It was served warm, with a crisp streusel crust, raw brown sugar and seasonal wild berries. The treat was topped with vanilla ice-cream, and after a few spoonfuls, I wasn't scared anymore.  My adventure with American Social's Social Menu ended just like it started... on a sweet note.

Wild Berry Cobbler

For more information on American Social or their Social Menu, visit them online or call them at 305-570-4468.

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