Monday, August 10, 2015

Brunch at Divino Ceviche in Coral Gables

Peruvian food lovers: there's a new brunch in town and I thought you might like to take a look. Divino Ceviche's location in Coral Gables, situated at 160 Giralda Avenue, has recently launched a Divine Sunday Brunch featuring an original twist on many of the popular Peruvian spot's signature dishes along with some cultural favorites.

What would a Peruvian Brunch be if we didn't
start with a Pisco Sour?

We had a first bite of their new brunch menu and I have to tell you, it's got some nice dishes on there. For example, I just loved the Huevos Peruanos, Chef Christian Encalada's very own Peruvian version of Eggs Benedict; except these perfectly poached eggs were served with chorizo and tomatoes then bathed in my all time favorite Huancaina sauce.

Huevos Peruanos

In true Peruvian tradition, many of the brunch dishes include a flavorful serving of that finger-licking good "chicharron" or fried pork meat, that makes all of our hearts skip a beat  (just think of the protein ladies and gentlemen). Highlights include their Chicharron con Mini Tacu Tacu and their Pan Con Chicharron. The Mini Tacu Tacu dish was very interesting, tickling our taste buds with cooked rice, pork and beans mixed together, and then seasoned with garlic and Peruvian yellow pepper. The tasty treat was then friend and served with chunks of pork, eggs and Peruvians salsa criolla. It was definitely a palate pleaser. The Pan Con Chicharron is a popular street food in Peru, and Divino Ceviche's version, albeit simple, incorporated a sweet and salty element that gave it a delectable spin. Chef Encalada takes a freshly baked bread and fills it with fried chunks of pork meat, sweet potatoes and Peruvian creole sauce. The result is pretty amazing.

Chicharron con Mini Tacu Tacu

Pan Con Chicharron

If you're in the mood for a bit more sweetness, you can choose their Chicken & Peruvian Waffles, featuring panko breaded chicken, served with a sweet potato and squash waffle, then drizzled with homemade syrup. Of course, no Peruvian menu would be complete without some kind of Lomo Saltado dish and theirs is perfect for brunch, putting together a Peruvian stir-fry, made with beef, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, soy sauce and garlic, then flambeing it with Pisco. The meaty delight is served with potatoes and eggs.

Chicken and Peruvian Waffles

Lomito Saltado Con Huevos Fritos

Besides their a-la-carte brunch items, Divino Ceviche also offers an All You Can Eat Ceviche Madness + Mimosas de Maracuya for $19.99 from 11:30am to 4:00pm on Sundays. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Mimosa de Maracuya

For more information on Divino Ceviche's Sunday Brunch in Coral Gables, you can visit their website or call them at 786-360-3775.

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