Saturday, September 5, 2015

Miami Spice 2015- Bulla Gastrobar

I didn't want the weekend to start without pointing you in another Miami Spice direction. My next adventure happened at a popular Spanish Coral Gables spot that gets packed not just for dinner but for happy hour as well. I'm talking about Bulla Gastrobar, located at 2500 Ponce de Leon Blvd.

The Sangrias at Bulla never disappoint

I looked at Bulla's Miami Spice menu online and it was a go for me right away. First of all, their appetizer choices sounded very good (especially the tuna tartare) and they featured an interesting mix of entrees as well. So, off I went and started the night with one of their famous Sangrias. I'm sure you've experienced one or two of these in your lifetime.  From there, my dining companion and I decided to share our courses so we started off with the Tartar de Atun (Tuna Tartare) and the Albondigas de Cordero (Lamb Meatballs). What can I tell you about the tartare? It was enthralling… the fresh ahi tuna was mixed with mango and avocado, then drizzled with soy sesame vinaigrette. It was served with a Sriracha Aioli that gave it an exciting kick, and a side of crispy taco shells. I found this variation added a layer of fun to the dish because you could enjoy making little tacos over conversation, as you savored the sweet and salty appetizer. The lamb meatballs were winners too. They were tender and flavorful, and served together with mushrooms, potatoes and onion marmalade. We didn't try the other two appetizer options but they sounded interesting as well. They were the Gambas Al Ajillo (Sauteed Garlic Shrimp) and Montados de Chistorra (Spicy Spanish Sausage with Bread).

Tartar de Atun

Albondigas de Cordero

Bulla offers five Main Course choices for their Miami Spice menu and I can promise it will be difficult to choose. The options include Arroz Caldoso (Paella-style dish), New York Strip Steak, Seared Swordfish, Braised Oxtail and Grilled Octopus. See what I mean? After much thought and deliberation, we went for the Arroz Caldoso and the Pulpo A La Plancha (Grilled Octopus). When the server brought out our entrees, I was floored with my rice. It was a huge portion served in a skillet-like pot, whose aroma was practically making me drool.  The Bomba rice was swimming in delicious broth along with clams, shrimp, and chicken, all seasoned in a red sofrito and saffron. Amazing. I immediately knew I would be reliving this portion of my adventure for next day's lunch as well. The octopus was perfectly grilled, tender not chewy, and served over a semi-sweet corn puree, mojo picon and a splash of paprika oil. 

Arroz Caldoso

Pulpo A La Plancha

Last but certainly not least, it was time for dessert. We picked one of each of the two choices on the menu: Torrejas (Caramelized Brioche) and Arroz Con Leche (Spanish-style Rice Pudding). The caramelized brioche had an incredible sweet texture and was bathed in local honey, alongside a scoop of turron ice-cream. The Arroz Con Leche was topped with a golden raisin coulis and sprinkles of cinnamon that brought the whole experience to a perfect ending.


Arroz Con Leche

You have less than a month to take advantage of this fabulous menu for the $39 price. For more information on Bulla Gastrobar and their Miami Spice Menu, visit them online or call them at 305 441-0107.

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