Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The South of Fifth Neighborhood in Miami Beach is quickly becoming a great dining destination. One of its most recent additions is Tiramesu, the iconic restaurant you're probably familiar with from its days on Lincoln Road. After a year long hiatus, you can now find the familiar Italian spot at its new location at 101 Washington Avenue. The space is cozy yet trendy, with a welcoming vibe.

I recently stopped in to check out their new menu, along with a few of their signature favorites. In addition to the new inventive dishes, they have added an expanded bar menu featuring traditional cocktails with an "Italian twist". Pretty impressive, I might add. For example, their Caribbean Lust, featuring Pyrat Rum, passion fruit and jalapeƱo is insane, as is their Passion Beets, with pineapple infused effen vodka and beets.

Refreshing cocktails with an Italian Twist

We decided to start the tasting with their Tartare di Capriolo, a flavorful venison tartar with raspberries and mango. The appetizer sounded so interesting, and I hadn't had venison in quite some time. It was outstanding. The sweet and salty ingredients complemented one another and each bite concluded in an explosion of flavors. We also ordered the fresh Burrata, which sat atop a mountain of pappa al pomodoro that was the perfect ode to Italian culture. The original preparation of the dish made it one to be remembered for a long time.

Tartare di Capriolo


For entrees, we tried the Mediterranean Sea Bass and the Rigatoni. The sea bass was divine, perfectly cooked with a mild yet enticing taste and a buttery finish. It practically melted in our mouths. It was definitely one of the evening's favorites. We also enjoyed the Rigatoni, prepared with eggplant, pine nuts and dry ricotta cheese. The pasta had a pleasant texture that complemented our fish.

Mediterranean Sea Bass


To end our delightful meal, we ordered a Cheese Course and a classic Tiramisu (would we have really been there if we didn't indulge in their namesake dessert?) They have several cheeses to select from on their menu, and we went for a combination recommended by our server. It was a pleasing mix of semi soft and hard formaggi that provided a nice transition into the decadent, sweet finale. The Tiramisu was excellent and we didn't stop until we did some magic, and made the espresso and mascarpone soaked ladyfingers disappear.

Cheese Course


For more information on Tiramesu, visit their website at http://www.tiramesu.com or call them at 305-532-4538.

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