Monday, February 15, 2016

Bonefish Grill Gives the Burbs Some Tasty Choices

We're all used to reading about the fantastic seafood spots in the beach and in Brickell. I love going to the trendy areas of Miami and getting a taste of the mind-blowing dishes they bring to the table. But when you live in Kendall, and you're not in the mood to battle traffic to the east part of town, you have to know where you can get a good meal out in the 'burbs. Well, sometimes this can be a challenge, but the good news is that times- they are a'changing.  Bonefish Grill is serving up some pretty delicious cuisine in a nice, hip ambiance and they have remodeled some of their locations to take things up a notch.

Bonefish Grill in Kendall

For example, I visited their recently revitalized location at 12520 S.W. 120th Street and I was very impressed with the experience. The relaxing atmosphere was enhanced by an industrial yet sleek interior design that complemented their savory, wood-grilled seafood and meat 

specialties. They're definitely on to something here…

You're probably wondering about the food right?  That's the best part. You can't go wrong whether you choose from their regular or seasonal menus. There are always innovative and exciting dishes being introduced at Bonefish Grill. And it's not just one location I can recommend. I'm a fan so you can usually find me either at their Kendall location or at their spot on 14218 S.W 8th Street. This place is usually rocking on the weekends and their Happy Hours are packed as well. The staff is very friendly and make you feel right at home. 

Bang Bang Shrimp

Maryland Crabcakes

I'm sure you already know, a meal at Bonefish Grill can't begin without an order of their signature, fiery Bang Bang Shrimp. These flavorful, tasty bites are tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce that will have you hot and bothered in no time.  And if you're like me and need a couple of appetizers to get the ball rolling, I highly recommend checking out their Maryland Crab Cakes. They are packed with goodness and served with a red remoulade dipping sauce that makes the experience supreme.

Swordfish & Pumpkin Ravioli

Oscar Mahi Mahi

Two entrees that drove me wild and are a part of their seasonal menu were the Oscar Mahi Mahi and the Swordfish & Pumpkin Ravioli. I couldn't get enough of those.  The Mahi Mahi was served grilled, then topped with lump crab meat, asparagus and a delicious lemon butter sauce.  The swordfish was a tantric experience all on its own. Just imagine a fresh tender swordfish, topped with feta cheese crumbles, crispy onions and truffle butter, then served with pillows of pumpkin-filled ravioli and French green beans. Definitely a top-pick for me.  The great news is, while the seasonal menu items change, the quality and flavor combinations of their dishes do not.

Macadamia Nut Brownie

Pumpkin Creme Brûlée

We ended our fantastic meal with a couple of desserts that sweetened the deal even more. Their flourless Macadamia Nut Brownie had us licking our lips in harmony with its raspberry sauce, vanilla ice-cream and macadamia nuts sprinkles, while their creamy Pumpkin Creme Brûlée was a hit as well; taking a classic custard-style dessert and giving it a Fall twist. Regardless of which one you go for, you'll walk out smiling.

For more information on Bonefish Grill and their locations, visit their website at Bonefish Grill.

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