Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Authentic Mediterranean Experience at Panarea Mediterranean Sea Grill

We know Miami has become an epicenter for cuisine from around the world and one such place that will take you through a culinary journey through the true Mediterranean is Panarea Mediterranean Sea Grill, located at 11052 Biscayne Boulevard. This cozy spot in Miami Shores combines all the elements and the senses to bring guests' palates a little piece of places like Italy, Spain, France, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Morocco and the Eolie Islands.

The d├ęcor is reflective of the Mediterranean, with each room exuding a homey, comfortable aura emphasized by the eclectic furniture, lighting and wall hangings. Great care has obviously been placed in recreating a visit to these far away lands not only with the ambiance, but also with the friendly service. I had the opportunity to take a culinary voyage at Panarea and I have to tell you, I was impressed. If we add a good-looking Italian gentleman to the menu, I might just never leave.


But back to the food.... One of the key things that stood out for me was the simplicity of their dishes. The chefs obviously rely on the purity and quality of the ingredients as they create their meals, and it's evident in every bite.  They offer a nice variety of fish and sea food which is perfectly complemented by an extensive wine list.


We started our tasting menu with a Cold Gazpacho to awaken our taste buds. From there the journey began with a Crudo di Branzino from Italy, Tartare De Thon from France and Sarde Marinate from Italy. The fish was fresh and flavorful and the sea bass delicately prepared with pink peppercorn and radish-fennel salad. The tuna loin was just as delightful to the senses, accentuating its taste with a hint of radish, cucumber and lemon dressing. Finally, the sardines, a favorite of the house, were marinated to perfection, with a texture that made placing each morsel in your mouth a foodgasmic experience.
Other delights served for the evening included a taste of their Pulpo a la Valenciana from Spain, a tender octopus. served with potatoes, chickpeas, lemon and olives, and Pejerreyes Fritos, another Spanish treat, consisting of fried sand smelts, prepared with sage leaves and served with green zucchini. We also indulged in a sampling of Baba Ghannouj from Lebanon and Filfil Roomi Hummus from Egypt. Both the eggplant puree and the roasted bell pepper hummus had an amazing texture that didn't go unnoticed.
But there was more. How we were able to consume it all is beyond me, but I think the wine had something to do with it...oh and the incredible taste. Check out the gallery below for yourself.




You can experience the gastronomic journey inside or you can choose to sit outside on their patio. For more information on Panarea Mediterranean Sea Grill, or to make reservations, you can contact them at 305-640-5580 or visit their website here.

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