Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Miami Spice Pick 3 - Jaguar Latin-American Kitchen in Coconut Grove

You know what I always say... Miami Spice is the season for muumuus and stretchy pants. Now that we're in our second month of the most awaited foodie time of the year, I bring you my third Miami Spice pick for 2019: Jaguar Latin-American Kitchen, located at 3067 Grand Avenue in Coconut Grove.
Offering a varied selection of dishes inspired by the flavors of Latin America, (especially Peru) Jaguar takes you on a culinary journey which brings together bold tastes and appetizing textures in an inviting and casual setting.

Their Miami Spice menu features two appetizers, two entrees and one dessert to choose from, and there is something for both the land and the seafood lover. Of course, being a place with such strong roots in the Peruvian culture, you want to start off your adventure with one of their Piscos.  Choose from their Traditional Pisco Sour or a flavored one, and you'll be ready (in more ways than one) for the fun.

Since there were two of us, we decided to order and share the entire Miami Spice menu (thus the stretchy pants) and we were stuffed. Let's begin shall we? For appetizer, you can select either the Crab Cake or the Nuevo Shrimp Ceviche. Both are packed with delicious flavor so sharing them is ideal. The ceviche is prepared with shrimp in aji amarillo sauce made with citrus, garlic & grapeseed oil. It also comes with the traditional garnishes of two types of corn, the larger, chewy one known as "Choclo" and the fried, crispy "Canchitas". The crab cake is an enticing mix of crab and corn, served with aji panca sauce and aji amarillo aioli, then topped with fresh salsa criolla. It will make you lick your fork to make sure you got all of it.

For entrees, Juguar offers their Rib Eye and Roasted "Chimi" Potatoes and their Salmon Norma. The land option is a juicy grilled rib eye steak, served with pan roasted potatoes drizzled with garlic, guajillo powder and a house chimichurri. It is a generous portion that will leave you satisfied. The salmon is pan roasted and served over heart of palm, sweet potato, peruvian giant corn & spinach. It is bathed in a mild lime-butter sauce that brings the whole experience together.

While there is only one dessert option for Miami Spice on their menu, it is a light refreshing one that you will definitely enjoy. Behold the Palomas Cajeta, a sweet sensation consisting of soft crepes filled with fresh banana and peach liquor cream, then topped with warm dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream. Pictured below are two angles of the sinful dessert so I can get your tastebuds going.

Check out Jaguar's Miami Spice menu and let me know what you think. For more information, or to make reservations, visit their website or call them at 305-444-0216. 

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