Saturday, May 11, 2019

Tanuki Sunday Brunch Feast In Miami Beach Is An Asian Wonder

I think I may have been Asian in a previous life. I absolutely love Asian food. I think the Asian religions are fascinating. I am enamored with the Asian culture. My favorite opera is Madame Butterfly and I completely transformed a room in my house into a Sushi Room.

Now if this isn't enough of an indication of where my past life may have taken place, the fact I get butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of an Asian gastronomical experience, in this case a Sunday Brunch, should be.

Recently, Mini-Me and I grabbed our IDs (yes, she just turned 21) and headed over to Tanuki, located at 1080 Alton Road in Miami Beach. Tanuki is a modern Asian restaurant featuring a combination of masterfully prepared Japanese and Chinese cuisine, including an excellent selection of sushi and Dim Sum. The cocktails offer an interesting fusion of Asian delights and the ambiance is hip and trendy. Just take a look at the anime version of a raccoon dog in the center of the restaurant, which is what Tanuki means in Japanese, and you cannot help but smile.

We walked into the place and the experience was amazing from beginning to end. For $58 per person, you get a whole lot of food and drink. Let's begin with the Welcome Cocktail.  You can choose between a selection of three luscious libations: the Tori, the Ohigan and the Lychee Martini. I decided to go for the Lychee Martini because: 1) I wanted some sake lychee juice which was part of the twist on this classic and 2) I wanted a lychee. It was perfect. I downed that refreshing, liquid love potion before you could say Sake To Me.  It's important to stop and note here that their brunch includes unlimited Mimosas, Wine and Sake. Bet you're picking up your phone and making reservations as you read. Don't worry, I'll wait....

Next up there is a huge selection of Pan-Asian dishes to fill your heart's desire served buffet style. You can indulge in everything from Miso Soup, Salads, Fried Rice, Mushroom Hotpot, Stir Fry Veggies, Assorted Maki/Nigiri Rolls, Tuna Crispy Rice, Sashimi (the very best), Steamed Buns and excellently prepared Oysters. I sampled a little (or a lot) of everything and each dish had a distinct flavor and presentation. I struggle to find a favorite among the offerings in the buffet portion of the brunch, but I can tell you that if you twisted my arm, I may pick the sashimi, the Steamed Buns and the oysters.
I do have a caveat for you at this point. Do not... I repeat.... do not fill yourself up with the selection at the buffet table. There is more to come. As difficult as it is going to be to stop yourself from walking up and filling your plate two or three times, Tanuki's Sunday Brunch Feast also includes the selection of an EntrĂ©e and they offer a lot of choices. We decided to each select a different one and that way we could sample two items. We chose the Dim Sum (6 pcs) and the Shrimp Tempura. Wow.  They were both outstanding and packed a biteful of flavors. I can just imagine a night full of Dim Sum and them some at Tanuki.
Last but most certainly not least, the finale to this decadent experience is a chef selected dessert for the table. We were very full but yet so excited to see what sweet treat was in store for us. When it arrived, we immediately dipped our spoons inside the creamy ice-cream and bit into the bowl of fresh fruit. Bravo chef, bravo.
I have to say Tanuki's Sunday Brunch left us with the desire to return very soon. It surpassed our expectations and left us looking forward to another experience at this Asian fusion fun spot, that most definitely brings happiness and good fortune with its amazing food, unique cocktails and smiling raccoon dog. For more information on Tanuki, visit their website or call them at 306-615-1055. 


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