Sunday, February 12, 2012

Meat Market Miami Beach

There's something pretty spectacular and magical about Miami Beach, and particularly Lincoln Road. I don't know if it's the glamour that abounds, or the prospect of running into a celebrity, but the energy and vibe that is felt on the beach is unique to any other place. This same excitement and sexiness is overwhelmingly felt the moment you walk into the Meat Market Miami Beach, located at 915 Lincoln Road. From the ultra-chic decor, to the lively bustling of the trendy crowd, the ambiance creates a perfect setting for a feast of the senses.

It was a Saturday night, and the place was packed. We had reservations, but still had to wait about half an hour. We could've sat down quicker if we would've taken a table outside, but it was cold, and the Miamian in me wasn't wearing very "wintery" clothes, so we opted to wait for an indoor table. The host was very gracious and we didn't mind. Finally, we were taken to a table in the back of the restaurant, in a quiet area where we could see the chefs prepare the food. I loved it! It was cozy and interesting all at the same time. Our waiter, Gabriel, quickly came to our table, welcomed us to the Meat Market and offered us water. He was amazing the whole night, thoroughly answering all my questions on the menu and explaining how each dish was prepared. He paid a great deal of attention to us the whole evening and made sure we didn't need anything. I truly have to say the service was impeccable.

Mixed Nuts, Peruvian choclo, Wasabi
Since we knew we'd be having some of their fabulous meat this evening, we ordered red wine (my favorite). We asked for the Pali Alphabets Pinor Noir from Oregon. It was a perfect pairing, with its subtle fruit flavors and earthy finish. We enjoyed the first sips munching on the complimentary treats they provide of Peruvian choclo, Spanish mixed nuts, and spicy wasabi peas. The Peruvian choclo was addicting! After a look through the menu, and a difficult time narrowing down the choices, we decided to order two appetizers; both which turned out to be not only delicious, but memorable. 

White Truffle American Kobe Tartare
American Kobe Beef Slider Duo
The first one was the White Truffle American Kobe Tartare. I resisted the urge to order my usual tuna tartare and decided to go for something different. It was out of this world! The presentation was beautiful and the taste divine. The beef was fresh and bold, prepared with capers and onions, and served with parmesan flat bread. The garnishes added the perfect touch to the mix and made it all come together. The second appetizer was the American Kobe Beef Slider Duo, each dressed with bacon, white cheddar foie grass, mango mustard and caramelized onions. These were quite possibly the best Kobe Beef Sliders I've ever had. We actually caught each other closing our eyes as we savored them! The beef was juicy, tender and tasty, with a hint of smoky flavor that lingered in your mouth. Amazing!

32 Ounce Porterhouse
Mixed Grill Special
For the entrees, we ordered the 32 Ounce Center Cut Porterhouse and the famous Mixed Grill Special of the day, a daily rotating trio of meats. The porterhouse was tender, with a perfect complement of flavors in each side of the T-shaped bone. The accompanying sauce tasted delicious, and gave the steak additional flavor when dipped in it. It tasted fabulous either way! Definitely a good choice! But the "wow" factor came with the mixed grill special of the day. It was the perfect variety for me! I actually embarked on a sensory ride with this one! The "trio" of the day consisted of New York Strip with baby carrots, glazed with marrow butter, a lobster tail with citrus butter and compressed watermelon, and a Deckel ribeye truffle with asparagus puree and duck confit. What a firework display of flavors! I absolutely adored it! While they were all spectacular, I especially enjoyed the New York strip's tenderness and texture. I ate it slowly to make it last longer!

Gouda Tater Tots
As a side dish, we ordered their Gouda Tater Tots; bite-sized bits of pleasure under the guise of potatoes filled with gouda cheese. They were so appetizing we went ahead and ordered a second round. That's how mouth-watering they were!

Chocolate Temptation
Finally came time for dessert. We shared one because there really wasn't much room left after this tantalizing dinner. I ordered the Chocolate Temptation since I have an unwavering weakness for the "C" word. It was a warm chocolate cake with chocolate ice-cream. It reminded me of a chocolate souffle; very rich, moist and a perfect ending to my ecstatic adventure at the Meat Market. I have to finish by saying we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of our dinner, from the service to the food, and are looking forward to returning real soon. For reservations, call 305-532-0088.

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