Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nexxt Cafe

When you're a seafood lover like me, there's nothing like walking down the street and seeing a sign with two lobsters on it and a caption reading $24.99. That's a deal I just can't pass up. And I didn't. The haven boasting this alluring message? Nexxt Cafe on 700 Lincoln Road. I have to say I love this place. Its location on Lincoln Road, an area where you could come to take a stroll, shop in one of its unique stores, have a drink with friends, or a nice meal in any of their restaurants or cafes, is just one of its many allures. I have tried a bunch of items on their menu and I still haven't found something I didn't like.

On this my latest visit, the place was as busy as usual. The people-watchers sitting outside under the large, umbrella-covered area were enjoying their meal and relaxing, as the crowd of locals and tourists walked by. After a couple of minutes, we joined them and were given the huge book otherwise known as the menu. Nexxt Cafe has a very extensive menu; very similar to the one in the Cheesecake Factory, with literally something for everyone. Since the menu is so varied, I decided tonight I'd try as many plates as possible, to be able to give you a good sampling of the items they offer.  As I reviewed the menu, I ordered their delicious Sangria. It was refreshing, and very fruity. I knew I'd be having more than one since it seemed to hit the spot just right.

Ahi Tartare
Chicken Croquettes
I decided to start off my adventure with an old favorite: Ahi tartare! It's very hard for me not order tuna tartare when it's on the menu and tonight was no exception. The raw tuna  comes mixed with avocado and soy-ginger sesame sauce, and served with wonton chips. Very tasty and fresh. I enjoyed the way the chunks of tuna and avocado were randomly set together; making it exciting and a surprise with each bite. Next I tried the Chicken Croquettes. They sounded like a lot of fun because they had a twist. They were filled with fontina cheese, which I happen to love, fried crisp, and came with an amazing dipping sauce. Delicious! The cheese was nice and hot and it literally melted in my mouth.

Tuna Tacos
Mini Buns
The next appetizer I ordered was the Tuna Tacos. I figured the ahi tuna tartare was so fresh, I'd try it in yet another dish. These were mini tacos filled with ahi tuna, guacamole miso, chili aioli, and lime-jalapeno sauce. I hit another winner! The taco shells were very crispy and once again, the tuna mix had a nice unique kick to it. I wanted to make some comparisons so I ordered the Mini Buns. These were bite-sized Although they didn't come with cheese, I added it because they just wouldn't be complete without it. They were scrumptious little fellas. Big bold flavors in tiny packages!

Two Lobsters
I told you what brought me here in the first place, right? The lobsters! So, my next request were the Two Lobsters. They came sitting pretty on the plate, accompanied by delicious garlic butter. Absolutely scrumptious! They were an excellent size and the meat was very tasty. I couldn't believe the value! I thought I'd try one more favorite before calling it a day and ordered the Jambalaya. Just as I like it, the Jambalaya was prepared with shrimp and chicken, and sauteed with fresh tomatoes, onions and peppers. All was combined in a delicious spicy sauce over rice. Flavorful with just the right amount of spice, the dish was a great rendition of the New Orleans staple.

Belgium Chocolate Cheesecake
You're probably thinking, my goodness, does this girl have a bottomless pit? The answer is, although surprising, no. I brought a couple of reinforcements with me and the expectation of a doggie bag when I just couldn't ingest anything else. But, since I had treated myself to such a variety of flavors, I wanted to end the night with something sweet. Nexxt is known for their famous cheesecakes, so I thought we'd share one- my personal favorite: the Belgium Chocolate Cheesecake. Talk about luscious and sweet. This slice of paradise is made with Belgium chocolate cake and chocolate mousse. Once I finished, I looked around and actually scraped the spoon on the plate and licked it quite diligently. That's how amazing it was!

Now that I've gone over all the dishes I sampled on this visit, there are a couple of other things I'd like you to know. The portions here are lavish, and when I say lavish, I mean huge. From the salads to the entrees, you can easily share the dishes, or get ready to ask for a to-go box because you will more than likely have plenty of leftovers. The service is not all that great. I've been here several times, and it's been a hit and miss each time so come prepared to enjoy the food - not the service. Finally, while I didn't have these two dishes on this visit, you may also want to try the Shrimp Guacamole Bites and the Guacamole made-to-order. They are both fabulous and I highly recommend them.

Well, you've gotten a pretty good idea of what to expect at Nexxt Cafe and there are still so many other delicious options to explore from their menu that it makes me giddy with anticipation. I'd love to hear what other dishes you have tried here so I can enjoy them on my next visit. For now, after this feast, I am going to run, not walk, to the gym. For more information on Nexxt Cafe, visit their website at or call them at 305-674-3320.


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