Monday, June 25, 2012

EDGE Steak & Bar

A rainy weekend in South Florida, where our ever-wise meteorologists (is that an oxymoron?) predict an over eighty percent chance of rain, usually means we want to stay home and order takeout. By the time I caught the weather forecast, I had already made reservations a few days back at a relatively new restaurant whose menu had peaked my curiosity. Being the adventurer that I am (and owning a rather large umbrella), I decided I was following the Post Office philosophy. I was having my restaurant adventure - rain or shine!  It was a Saturday night, my car had good brakes and I was hungry. So, I rocked my galoshes and drove down to the Four Seasons Hotel in Brickell to have dinner at EDGE Steak & Bar, located at 1435 Brickell Avenue.

EDGE, located on the seventh floor of The Four Seasons Hotel, opened its doors on November 2011. It is a modern, trendsetting steakhouse, that sets its own pace to redefine what a steakhouse should be. The first thing that stood out as we walked through the restaurant to our table was the subdued yet visible lighting; not the norm for other steakhouses. A beautiful bar located in the center near the entrance, is towered by dozens of hanging lamps, providing a cozy, romantic feel.  Off to the sides, elegant u-shaped couches and tables encased in their own niches, face the center dining area, where you find more tables and chairs. The decor is sophisticated but not overstated, and it all comes together in a very appealing way.

Chef Aaron Brooks

Any talk about the food at EDGE must be preceded by its passionate Executive Chef, Aaron Brooks. An Australian native, Chef Brooks is the heart and soul behind the innovative cuisine at EDGE. He has embraced the prominent Latin culture in Miami, infusing its flavors into his dishes by using familiar ingredients in bold, new ways. Another important philosophy practiced in his cooking is a farm-to-table approach, focusing on using the freshest, local products available. He believes providing customers with healthy all-natural ingredients that are sourced locally will yield the best flavors. So much so, that there is actually an herb garden on the seventh floor terrace where Chef Brooks harvests his hot peppers to use them in his culinary creations. Aside from all of Chef Brooks' expert cooking techniques, I have to say he is an incredible person, friendly and humble, that genuinely loves what he does.

Signature Tartares

Chickpea and Parmesan Croquetas
Fresh baked bread
Oscar, our waiter, came virtually seconds after we sat down to greet us. He brought us our menus and took our drink order. We decided on a Pinot Noir: Domaine Vincent Girardin Pommard Les Vignots, from Burgundy, France. Great choice! Oscar explained that several dishes had been added to the menu just a few days before and told us what they were. After a while of browsing, I realized there were so many I wanted to try! While we made up our minds, we started with a new item, the Chickpea and Parmesan Croquetas, served with a Five Herb Dip. It was a new combination for me and I wasn't sure if that marriage would work, but it turned out to be love at first sight. They were excellent! Very savory and addicting! Next, we tried the Sampler featuring all of their Signature Tartares: Corvina, Beef, Octopus and Ahi Tuna. I was momentarily enthralled as I realized there seemed to be a party in the Tartare Department and my mouth was the guest of honor. I took one of the plantain chips they brought us to accompany the tartares, and struggled over which one to try first. The Corvina was divine and my favorite! It was mixed with baby cucumbers, green apples, and celery leaf yellow pepper sauce, or aji amarillo as we like to call it.  Of the four, this one tasted very similar to a Peruvian ceviche. The Octopus, new on their menu, was amazing as well. It was prepared with baby artichokes, cilantro, charred tomato salsa and saffron. I'm usually not a fan of octopus, and I couldn't stop eating it. The Ahi Tuna, my usual choice in tartares, was perfect.  It had a hint of sweetness that I loved; made with pickled shallots, watermelon and Italian parsley. Finally, the Beef added variety to the seafood theme. Full-flavored, the Angus Tenderloin came dressed with traditional garnish and topped with pickled mustard seeds. Scrumptious! All four tartares were fresh, and a definite must-have.

Florida Snapper
Next, we were ready for the entrees. I wanted to try the Crab-onara, a new dish introduced by Chef Brooks, mimicking a pasta carbonara, but with his own personal touch. The Bucatini pasta was bathed in a sauce much lighter than a traditional carbonara sauce; somewhat similar to a broth.  It had chunks of Florida Blue Crab, English peas, and crunchy pieces of Nueske's Bacon. Sitting on top, was a Lake Meadow Natural Egg, ready to be pinched with a fork, while a generous amount of shaved Parmesan cheese completed the dish. Unbelievable! It was a total masterpiece. Our second entree was the Florida Snapper. Once again, it was a hit! We found it to be extremely flavorful, with the perfect blend of seasoning and a nice, firm texture. They brought us two sauces along with the fish, a Chimichurri and a Lemon Parsley Butter. Although the snapper tasted incredible on its own, we tried the sauces out of curiosity and found them to be very good. As a side, we ordered the Sauteed Watercress, which were gingerly combined with chorizo and marcoma almonds. The chorizos were so tasty, we wanted to have an endless supply in the salad.

Sauteed Watercress

Chocolate Napoleon
Cast Iron Brownie
Totally at a loss for words over the meal we just had, the moment came to order dessert. I wasn't sure if I could eat anymore but when I looked at the menu, my heart stopped. There were two desserts that seemed to be calling my name: The Chocolate Napoleon and the Cast Iron Brownie. The Chocolate Napoleon had layers of several types of chocolate, Coeur de Guanaja Ganache, which boosts the intensity of the chocolate, Milk Chocolate Crunch, and a wafer on top; served with White Chocolate Raspberry Ice-Cream. Do you see a chocolate pattern here? I was in heaven! Just look at the picture and tell me if that doesn't make you say "Wow!" Dessert #2, The Cast Iron Brownie, which Oscar playfully referred to as the "Jenny Craig Special" was a celestial delight. I had to admire it a bit before I sunk my spoon in it. The sweet, decadent brownie was covered entirely in fluffy marshmallows and pieces of granola, with a scoop of creamy macadamia nut ice-cream on top, and a drizzle of dulce de leche. Once we were done, we argued over which one we liked best, but finally agreed - they were both amazing! 

Chef Brook's Signature Spices
As we waited for our check, we got another pleasant surprise. Oscar brought us their signature flavored cotton candy, which gave the whole experience a nice finishing touch. And if that wasn't enough, he handed us a small glass jar of Chef Brook's Cutting Edge rub which is given to all diners as a souvenir. I can't wait to try it at home on one of my dishes! (Bet you didn't know I can cook!)

We left EDGE impressed with the impeccable service we received from everyone and the outstanding culinary talents of Chef Brooks.  We learned they also offer an interesting Sunday brunch; including traditional favorites embellished with a food truck flair. That's all I needed to know! You'll be seeing me again soon.

For more information, you can call them at 305-381-3190 or visit them online at

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  1. The dessert looks great maria!

  2. Maria it seems you are very good cook. Why dont you visit Lucky Clover Bar. brickell restaurants miami

  3. Well thank you! Don't know about great, but I try! LOL. I'm really passionate about food and enjoy my way around the kitchen. As for Lucky Clover Bar, I have only been there once and it was during St. Patrick's Day this year, so I didn't get a chance to try the food. At your recommendation, I looked at the menu and it looks really good! I'll be checking them out real soon! :)

  4. Hey Maria! I want to nominate you for the Illuminating Blog award on visit the website! Keep up the good work :)

    1. Wow! Thank you Sarah! I am honored! I'll be sure to check out the site. :)

  5. If you're in the mood for comfort food, go for their mariachi burger (not on the menu, but they'll make it for you). Great, beefy flavor; very good bun; avocado; chipotle mayo; white cheese, and all the trimmings plus special fries. Read more on

    1. I will definitely try it next time I'm there! It sounds delicious! I love avocados, and chipotle mayo so I can just imagine it is going to be right up my alley. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the tip! :) Maria