Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jimmy'z Kitchen in Wynwood

Every time I go to Puerto Rico, I have to have some traditional Mofongo to soothe my soul. Mofongo is a typical dish, made with a mashed mound of plantains, into which a combination of seafood, meat, or vegetables is added. I remember the first time I had Mofongo in San Juan about 5 years ago. I had heard of this tasty treat from my Puerto Rican friends but had never tried it. It was love at first sight.
And while I continued to have it in Miami whenever I had the craving, I had never found one that truly reminded me of my first time in Puerto Rico. I hadn’t that is, until I had some Mofongo therapy at Jimmy’z Kitchen in Wynwood, located at 2700 North Miami Avenue.

Looking to relax during lunch, my good friend suggested we go to Jimmy’z. She promised the Mofongo would be incredible and I would think I was back in La Isla Del Encanto.  I was ecstatic because she’s Puerto Rican, so she knew what she was talking about.  The first thing I noticed as we walked in, is that the place is very colorful, offering both indoor and outdoor seating.  It has an expansive menu, featuring an array of Latin-inspired dishes, along with healthy salads and daily specials. We decided to try some favorites and some traditional cuisine.

Bolitas de Queso
We started off with Aranitas. These are shredded plantains, deep fried and served with a ketchup/mayo dipping sauce. They were delicious; very crunchy and tasty. I happen to be a diehard fan of the ketchup and mayo combination so I was in heaven. Next, we had a Jimmy'z favorite: their Bolitas de Queso, or cheeseballs, topped with guava sauce. The cheese was warm and creamy and paired very well with the sweetness of the guava. I could keep dipping and eating those all day.

Chicken Mofongo
Getting excited, we ordered two entrees. The Pastelon and my beloved Chicken Mofongo. Pastelon is another plantain-based dish filled with ground beef. This Pastelon had capers, raisins and was topped with a "queso blanco del pais", a signature white cheese made in Puerto Rico that was insanely good! It was served with a spring mix side salad that included spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots; and was bathed in a nice cherry-vinegar dressing.  The Chicken Mofongo, was well, Puerto Rican therapy. My friend was right - I felt like singing En Mi Viejo San Juan. Served with a creole sauce, it had a wonderful homemade taste that hit the spot.
Dessert Selection
Guava Cheesecake
The only thing I regret about my visit to Jimmy'z is that I got so full with their amazing cuisine, that I didn't leave any room for dessert. No worries, though, I returned for their guava cheesecake a few days later and had it to go! You definitely have to try it. You will thank me for the tip. By the way, I found out Jimmy's Kitchen offers live music on specific nights, so that sounds like another adventure in the making! And they also have another location in South Beach, making Mofongo therapy that much easier to get.
For more information, you can call Jimmy'z Kitchen at 305 573-1505 or visit them online at

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