Monday, December 24, 2012

Faux Gourmet

We ladies love to feel sexy in every room of the house; especially the one where the most decadent, hot steamy action takes place: the kitchen. Katie Everett, creator of Faux Gourmet, a U.S. based company founded in 2012 offering an evolving collection of high-end, uniquely designed kitchen accessories, had an epiphany of sorts during a baking session with her six year old daughter.

I just love my Tutu Fabulous Apron in
Caramel Creme

After tying the strings of her daughter's apron into a perfect bow, and placing the baking ingredients on her kitchen counter, she was surprised when her little one raced into her room and came back with her favorite tutu. Katie was a bit confused, not knowing how the colorful garment fit in with the wooden spoons and mixing bowls, but her daughter helped her see how a tutu underneath her apron made all the sense in the world.

And thus began her Tutu Fabulous apron collection, launched the first weekend of November on Cosmo Radio in NYC. The Tutu Fabulous apron is a high fashion, flirty accessory every true foodie must have. Adorned with pearls and lace, and a flouncy removable tutu, it adds a dash of sass to the domestic diva in all of us. A custom designed flower pin completes the romantic accessory while two deep, puckered pockets provide a place to hide secret ingredients. If you're wondering what to give your kitchen vixen to raise the temperature with a sense of style, look no more. The Faux Gourmet has got you covered.  Each apron comes beautifully packaged in a gloss pink box, and wrapped in polka dot tissue with a dash of love and detail. They offer both ladies and girl's styles and for the multiple princesses in your life...Mommy & Me sets!

Another plus to purchasing from the Faux Gourmet, is that they donate a portion of all their retail sales to selected charities dedicated to providing assistance, education, skills training and food to disadvantaged and at-risk women and their families across the nation. Their first weekend of sales, they were able to make a donation to the Red Cross to support the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  It doesn't get better than that! To view Faux Gourmet's product line and place an order, visit their online store at


  1. Soooo adorable!!! My husband will come to dinner sooner! ;)

    1. Isn't it? Trust me, dinner will be his favorite meal of the day when you wear one of these in the kitchen. :)