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Top 10 Miami Food Trends of 2012

Today marks one year that I wrote my first post as Adventures of the Foodaholic. It all started with a look at my neighborhood sushi hangout, Shibui, and quickly became a journey into my culinary adventures in the rapidly evolving Miami food scene and well beyond.  Throughout this year, I compiled a series of food trends that predominated in the Magic City and as a tribute to both my One Year Blogaversary and a farewell of 2012, I'd like to share my Countdown of these Miami Food Trends with you. Underneath each trend, you'll find a link to a post I wrote during the year that exemplies the trend. Thank you for your support and friendship throughout 2012 and may our gastronomic adventures together continue for many more years.

            Countdown of the Top 10 Miami Food Trends of 2012

10. Sport Stadium Food Became Gourmet - With Marlins Park and their Taste of Miami, we were provided with additional options to the greasy hot dog that included the Shrimp Burger and the Pan Con Lechon.

Marlins Park - Taste of Miami

9. The Marriage of Sweet and Salty - Savory sweets were all the rage as bacon headlined desserts and chili kicked sugar to the curb. From appetizers and entrees to desserts, restaurants tickled our taste buds with flavor explosions.

Eating House

8. Going Organic, Wanna Come Along? - The importance of organic foods for both health and flavor became a hot topic among the industry's leaders. Gluten-free, local sourcing and artisanal foods were terms we heard repeatedly from top chefs and restaurants as an alternative to better eating.

Ironside Cafe

7.  East meets West - A fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with American fare was a hit this year; successfully being achieved by master chefs that combined the two to perfection. Presentation was a must.

Nove Kitchen & Bar

6. Less is More - Good things come in small packages became the mantra as small plates hit the scene in more places. Tapas-style dining and appetizer-sized portions replaced large entrees as a way to share and taste a variety of dishes.

Diegos Andalucia Tapas & Delicatessen

5. A-la-Carte Brunches - While Buffet Brunches have been around since the beginning of time, (and I must say I love them) a-la-carte brunches where breakfast items are served well into the afternoon, joined the ranks as a Sunday tradition.

Greenstreet Cafe

4. Viva Peru - Peruvian food topped the charts and popped up everywhere in Miami. From ceviches to causas, the melting pot of flavors found in Peruvian cuisine became the epitome of gastronomical sensation for 2012.

Ceviche 105

3. Gourmet Burgers - While McDonalds and Burger King had been the go to place for a burger fix, upscale, better burger joints became a fad this year. 100 % certified angus and filet mignon replaced the secret blend we all knew and loved, with toppings ranging from fried eggs to brie cheese. But it didn't stop there. Food trucks joined the band wagon creating burgers fit for royalty.

The Battle of the Burgers

2. Cupcakes Galore - Desserts and sweets have been favorites since I can remember but cupcakes "took the cake" this year, sort of speak. Everywhere we turned, there were cupcakes in all sizes and flavors. But the real trend came when they added a "kick" to them with a bit of alcohol. Now grownups had something to jump up and down about as well.

Sweet & Tipsy - Cupcakes with a Kick

1. Food Trucks - The most popular trend this year that transcended county lines and cities, was the mobile flavor fusion of food trucks. We could all eat appetizers in one truck, entrees in another and end the night with either a sweet treat or a cold pop from yet another set of wheels. The food truck frenzy kept us going all over town in search of our favorites, thanks to the meat-loving guru Burger Beast.

Food Truck Frenzy Part 1
Food Truck Frenzy Part 2

Happy New Year to all my readers and may 2013 bring you lots of health, prosperity and delicious food.

The Foodaholic

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