Thursday, December 26, 2013

10 Dishes of 2013 - South Florida's Top Bloggers & Online Foodies Share Their Favorite Eats

On the first dish of 2013, my food blogger friend shared with me... It's the end of year. There's been lots of foodporn and descriptions of dishes that have made us drool. I know I've bought a couple of mumus as a result of my delicious adventures and my late-night food posts. I asked some of South Florida's top bloggers and online foodie personalities to give me the dish (pun intended) on what they enjoyed eating most in 2013 and where we can go find it. They thought long and hard and here's what they shared. Behold the 10 Dishes of 2013...

1) Hedonist Shedonist - Daniella Veras  and Ari give a humorous and witty spin to the Miami scene and now they gave their hedonistic love to the Sticky Date Pudding at Soyka. "It is so deliciously rich and captivating" says Ari. Looks good to me guys! You had me at sticky.

Sticky Date Pudding

2) Great Food List - Carlos Osorio and his team always keep us informed on the latest and the greatest foodie news going on in the 305. He finds the Tortelli di Ricotta at Toscana Divino to be "a burst of awesomeness". Prepared with fresh tortelli ricotta cheese, spinach, brown butter and sage, Carlos confessed he can't stop thinking about this dish. Turns out, after looking at his picture, neither can I.

Tortelli di Ricotta

3) Miami Beats and Sazon - From spa getaways to the latest in fashion, Susset Cabrera always has a lot to share. She also had a whole lot of dishes to rave about for 2013. Her choices? The Spaghetti and the Duck and Foie Gras Ravioli at Scarpetta in the Fontainebleau Resort. Susset thought the Chef's Tasting was "amazing" and shared how one of their claims to fame is their scrumptious spaghetti. Get the noodles ready, Chef Nina Compton, I'm coming over for a spaguetti dinner.

Spaguetti and other dishes from Scarpetta's Chef's Tasting

4) Web City Girls - These chicas keep us coming back for more with their red carpet fun and their gorgeous pink wigs. But they got some great taste buds as well. Their pick is one of the dishes I always ask for when I see it on a menu. It's the Tuna Tartare from Seasons 52 in Coral Gables. They loved having it with one of Seasons 52 signature flatbreads. Wepa!

Tuna Tartare

5) Caviar Chronicles - Alexandria Guerra has an eye (and a palate) for finding classy dishes and then sharing them with a side of laughter. Her favorite for 2013 is the Smoked Duck Hako from Sushi Samba in Coral Gables. I have to admit I drooled a little when I saw the picture. If this one is anything at all like the rolls I've had there before, then it's easy to see why it would be a favorite.

Smoked Duck Hako

6) Miami Culinary Tours - Grace Della knows food. No, really she KNOWS food. I mean, her food tour company takes people to some of the best eateries in Miami. I was excited to know what her favorite dish for 2013 would be. Drum roll please... Grace is a fan of Wynwood Kitchen & Bar and has an equal amount of foodie love for their Ropa Vieja Empanadas and their Roasted Beets. I happen to have had the empanadas recently, on one of Miami Culinary Tours' Wynwood Tours (adventure coming soon) so I totally understand Grace's passion for the dish.

Ropa Vieja Empanadas (pictured on the right)
Roasted Beets

7) Brunch Miami - No list would be complete without including the Brunch Master himself, Tony Guerra. Wondering where to go for the top eggs dish? How about the most decadent french toast? Tony gave me one of his top french toast dishes for the year and a whole list of others he loves. (Needless to say, I'm making brunch plans after our conversation) His pick? The Oreo Cookie French Toast from The Federal Miami. Please wipe the drool before continuing.

Oreo Cookie French Toast

8) Ft. Lauderdale EATS - I think of Stacey's site more like a compilation of all her delicious rendezvous with food, as posted on her Twitter feed. She shares offers, foodporn and foodie finds through her social media platforms and links them to her blog. Stacey scrolled through her foodalicious photo gallery in search of her favorite dish and chose the Eggs Benedict at Tap 42 Bar & Kitchen..

Eggs Benedict at Tap 42

9) SocialMedia305 - You can find this Social Media maven online sharing all the latest happenings in the 305 - from food, to art to events. You can also catch John Mahoney on 880 AM as the host of the Optimized Social Hour, 305Live, interviewing top brands and industry insiders. His favorite pick for the year is the The District Burger from a new spot, The District Miami, which is prepared with Prime Angus Beef, house made smoked bacon, grilled red onions, heirloom tomatoes, Vermont brie cheese, chipotle mayo and homemade potato fries.  Wow! He says it is only topped by their imported Ginger Ale. "How often do you drink an imported soda?" High Five John!
Burger from District Miami

10) Lisa Takes Miami - If you want relationship advice Ask Lisa. If you want a "No B.S." approach to everything from Miami fun, food & drinks, and dating, just click on this New York chick's site and get ready to laugh your buns off. In the meantime, her favorite dish for 2013 is the Elote from Hua Hua's Taqueria.
Elote from Huahuas Taqueria


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