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Bellmont Spanish Restaurant

Well tickle me happy! There's a new Spanish place in Coral Gables that is bringing Miamians an authentic "cochinillo" experience (suckling pig) roasted in a traditional wood-fired oven, brought here straight from Spain.

Authentic wood-fired
oven from Spain
Loved the decor
A family-owned business, Bellmont, located at 339 Miracle Mile is a modern restaurant, featuring Mediterranean cuisine in a sleek, contemporary environment. Its decor was conceptualized by its owner, Sergio Catalina Bellmont, with extreme detail and preciseness. Everything from the tables, to the colors of the walls and the lighting fixtures were carried out exactly how he had envisioned. Executive Chef Jon Gonzalez, formerly of Xixon on Coral Way, is the culinary master in the kitchen. His innovative style and Spanish flair are visible in the entire menu; ranging from the housemade artisanal breads baked daily in their wood-fired oven for breakfast, to the carefully selected premium meats and inventive appetizers offered during lunch and dinner.

With owner Sergio Catalina Bellmont and Executive Chef Jon Gonzalez

Iberico Ham
Assortment of house-baked breads
We came out to Bellmont to enjoy a sampling of their incredible dinner menu. I was very excited to indulge in Chef Jon's inventive creations, always combining a taste of tradition with a sprinkle of innovation. The first treat we tried was a plate of world famous Cinco Jotas Iberico ham, served alongside a basket of several varieties of their housebaked bread and the finest of olive oils. It was breathtaking.

Baby Octopus Carpaccio Salad

Fresh Foie
Black Risotto
The next dish we tried was the Carpaccio Salad, consisting of sliced tender octopus served cold, with an array of greens drizzled with vinaigrette. You know I happen to love octopus, and this one rose to the top of my list for flavor and texture. It was sprinkled with cayenne pepper, which added a slight kick to the dish. A must have! After this delectable taste bud tickler, we were served Fresh Foie in a cocktail glass, grilled with an orange sauce reduction, caramelized onions and homemade tomato marmalade. I've never tasted foie this way, and the balance of sweet and savory definitely went well together. It was rich and original, and I sipped it until it was all gone. Our final appetizer was the Black Risotto, topped with a huge, delicious prawn. The creamy and moist risotto was seasoned with squid ink and had a bold, decadent flavor. Paired with the prawn, it was a mind-blowing sensory explosion .

Rib-Eye Steak on Bellmont's signature volcanic rock

It was time for their signature entree, the Rib-Eye Steak on a volcanic rock. Cool is an understatement. Just imagine 26 ounces of pure Certified Angus delight, sizzling at your table, on top of a volcanic rock. Heated to a whooping 550 degrees, the volcanic rock continues to grill your steak in front of your very eyes. So besides extremely appetizing, it is fun turning it around and continuing to grill it to your usual preference. Can everybody say "Fun Date Night?" The aroma and taste of the beef were superb and it just about melted in my mouth. It was served with a side of baked apple covered in brown sugar and caramelized onions. I also noticed Bellmont offers a wide selection of quality meats, including Seminole Tenderloin, which is all-natural and raised locally.

Steven, our waiter and I 

While we thought about dessert, I fooled around with our waiter, Steven. He was a lot of fun and very attentive. Why try one when you can try a bunch? We sampled a selection of sweets that made my sweet tooth sing with pleasure. We had tarts, cakes apple pies, you name it. This could become a hang out for me!

Lots of desserts to choose from

When I went to Madrid this summer, I had the opportunity of treating myself to a cochinillo (suckling pig) at one of the oldest restaurants in the world, Botin, and now, Bellmont offers this culinary delight prepared a la lena in the very same kind of wood-fired oven.  I can't wait to return and entice my palate with one. Just note, if you're interested in one of these babies, you have to order it in advance since it takes over a day to prepare.

Voila! Behold the cochinillo

Also, if you're in the area during breakfast or lunch, they have an extensive choice of mini-sandwiches, house-baked breads, croissants and other yummies to choose from along with a daily Lunch Special of the Day featuring  a soup or salad and a sandwich. For a limited time, Bellmont is running a special where you bring 3 Adults to breakfast, lunch or dinner and the 4th eats free. Some restrictions apply, so for more information, check out their website at

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