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Batch Gastropub

Right before we bade farewell to 2013, a promising new place said hello in the Brickell area. Batch Miami, located just blocks from the Mary Brickell Village at 30 S.W. 12 Street, is a new concept that provides top-of-the-line cocktails without the usual wait from the bar. Say what, you ask? Well, as the name implies, instead of a bartender mixing your drink at the time you order it, master mixologists actually prepare them ahead of time in pre-batched 5-gallon, nitrogen enriched kegs. Then they're served, "draft" style, in a much more efficient way, without comprising taste or quality. I thought the whole concept was cool and couldn't wait to check it out.

Along with these signature cocktails, Batch offers "American Tavern" cuisine, featuring a combination of small plates with big tastes, innovative entrees and brick oven pizzas. I had the opportunity to come sample some of the items on their menu prior to their opening in late December. I found the ambiance to be inviting and fun, mixing antique furnishings with contemporary elements. Adding to the eclectic feel, they incorporated a garage-door style facade, which brings the outdoors in and allows for a more relaxed experience.

Naked Zombie

Batch Miami Chili Glazed Wings
Black and Stormy
I'll start with the drinks, since I know you're all curious to read how the whole "batch" concept turned out. We tried two cocktails during our visit: the Naked Zombie (On Tap) and the Black and Stormy (Old School). Of the two, my favorite was the Naked Zombie. It was sweet (just how I like it) and packed an impressive punch with its blend of three different rums: Bacardi Select, Gold and Anejo. The tropical fruit, island spices and cinnamon rock candy syrup definitely won me over, and I was sipping it up like a madwoman. The Black & Stormy was prepared with Blackstrap infused Santa Teresa Anejo Rum, ginger beer and apple-cinnamon essence. I found it to be more fragrant but not as sweet. My dining partner was quite wooed with it.  Our friendly server brought out the first small plate, which was the Batch Chili Glazed Wings. They were flash fried and glazed with cinnamon, then sprinkled with, get this, Dorito dust, and served with an emulsified blue cheese foam on the side.

Mac Attack

Next up on the tasting was my all-time winning bite of the night: the Mac Attack. This is one dish you must try when you visit Batch Gastropub. It's their own original version of Mac & Cheese except it's made with Gnocchi and Aged Gruyere. It was creamy and flavorful, and honestly took my taste buds for a ride. This baby was followed by the Tomato and Mozzarella Salad prepared with fresh heirloom tomatoes and a light smoked mozzarella. It was interesting to learn that in order to keep ingredients as local as possible, the team at Batch has created an on-site agroponic system to grow their own fresh herbs, vegetables and spices.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Toasted Quinoa
Wynwood Stout Aged
New York Strip
Our next sampling was the Toasted Quinoa, sitting on a pool of arugula pesto and topped with shaved baby carrots, asparagus, avocado, and radish. I'm normally not a fan of quinoa so this dish wouldn't be on my list of top picks but as far as quinoa goes, it was good. The toasting gave it a subtle, nutty flavor and the presentation was nice. The entree we tried was the Wynwood Stout Aged New York Strip, served with a sundried tomato chimichurri and a side of french fries. The steak was juicy, tender and bursting with flavor. They had us try their homemade, secret B1 Steakhouse and I liked it so much, I was dipping my fries in it. Needless to say, I tried to bribe our server into divulging the recipe, but he just wouldn't budge.

Pumpkin Creme Brulee

To finalize the meal, we shared a Pumpkin Creme Brulee. Creamy and silky, it had just the right amount of pumpkin flavor to add an interesting element to the dessert without overpowering the sweetness.

We were pleased with Batch, and I feel it's going to be a great place to hang out, and enjoy some outstanding cocktails over tasty bites. Something else you'll love about Batch Gastropub is that unlike other restaurants in Brickell, it has very convenient parking. There is a parking garage adjacent to it, and you get a discount when eating there. For more information, visit their website here.

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