Monday, May 12, 2014

Top 5 Burgers To Bite Into During National Burger Month

It's May. Spring is in the air, the basketball playoffs are in full swing and there's a National Holiday at the end of the month (Yessss)  to which we're all counting down to. But, there's something else going on in May that brings happiness to the heart and soul. It's National Burger Month. Thirty-one days dedicated to those juicy patties of meat we salivate profusely to whenever their image comes to our mind.

I decided to spend the first week of the month checking out some burgers that sounded eye-rolling, toe-curling good and didn't particularly follow the status quo. I was looking for an original, tasty, and a leave-me-with-butterflies-in-my-stomach kind of feeling. Turning to foodie friends for recommendations (Big thanks to Alex from Caviar Chronicles) and asking Twitter peeps for guidance, I searched high and low and came up with a list of my Top Five Burgers To Bite Into During National Burger Month in Miami. I got the same foodgasmic experience from all five of these burgers, so I didn't rank them in any particular order. Now it's your turn to check them out and tell me what you think. You still got three weeks to try these morsels of pleasure while I go burn off the damage that inevitably followed  my...what shall I call it? "Research".

Top 5 Burgers To Bite Into During National Burger Month

1) Burger de Mayo from Lucky Strike in Miami Beach  

I wanted to dance la Bamba with this one. Picture this: A half-pound all-beef burger, topped with American cheese, layered with homemade guacamole, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo and shredded lettuce, then placed between two cheese quesadillas that serve as the "buns", and stuffed with a blend of white cheddar and oaxaca cheeses. Each half is then topped off with a roasted jalapeno and served with homemade chips. Pair this off with their Margarita, and you got yourself a Cinco de Mayo party all month long. Who wants to go bowling?

2) Blackened Burger from NoVe Kitchen & Bar

It's no secret I'm in love with this place for their fresh and creative sushi dishes. But they have a variety of gourmet burgers on their menu that can truly make you go "Mmmmmm".  One of these is their Blackened Burger made with 10oz of Certified Angus Beef, seasoned with a variety of spices, then grilled and served with pepper jack cheese.  The burger comes in a toasted kaiser bun, topped with lettuce, tomato and onions and served with french fries on the side. If you're trying to get ready for bikini season, you can order the Cedar Plank Shimburger, which is made from angus beef as well, grilled then smoked on a cedar plank but instead of with a bun, comes with veggies. Wow! Talk about retaining flavor!

3) Gabbys D'Lorean from The Filling Station & Garage Bar

Bacon and burgers, Nutella and rings...these are a few of my favorite things. And these are some of the toppings on this baby. Gabbys D'Lorean is a sweet and savory vice; a juicy burger topped with Nutella (that's right), caramelized onions, and peppered bacon. I couldn't help but ask myself with every bite: Am I having breakfast? Lunch? Dessert? I totally loved it! I had it with onion rings but you can also have it with their world-famous tater tots or a number of other sides. I'll tell you this though. Regardless of what side you choose, you have to try their Bacon Jalapeno Tater Tots. Don't take my word for it. Check out my Instagram feed for a peek. They are absolutely unbelievable. 

So the burgers in this place are so hot, they made two spots on my list. And there were a few others I tried that were causing me to break into a sweat too. I don't know how they come up with these burger combinations, but they are genius. The Hamborghini comes topped with fried genoa salami, provolone cheese and their homemade pesto mayo. It was very flavorful and had a bit of a kick to it. I had these served with their house made fries. Another thing I loved about The Filling Station is that they make all of their dipping sauces in-house so they taste fresh and unique. My personal favorite was their Honey Mustard sauce. Hold me a parking spot because I'm definitely coming back soon.

5) Jack Daniel's Burger from TGI Fridays'

Last but most certainly not least, I went back to TGI Fridays' to get another taste of their Jack Daniel's Burger. It was as burgerlicious the second time as it was the first time. Actually, all of their Stacked Burgers are pretty unbelievable so you can't go wrong. And there's even a Spicy Craft-Beer Cheese Burger that comes drizzled with a regional craft-beer cheese sauce that will have you licking your lips. But it was a Jack Daniel's kind of night for me, and this one is made with fresh USDA choice beef, topped with Signature Jack Daniel's sauce, applewood smoked bacon and melted provolone cheese. It is placed between two freshly baked buns and left to melt in your mouth in awe-inspiring goodness. Oh my!


  1. those burgers look delicious!!! I'll be celebrating burger month on Thursday.

  2. Have to try these. I love the Southwest burger (actually all of them) at Bobby's Burger Palace in Dadeland Mall. And oh their pistachio milkshake!