Friday, July 18, 2014

Brunch at Love is Blind

You know how they say love is blind? Well at The Passion Restaurant Group's newest venture, Love is Blind, all you need are your taste buds and a cool, refreshing Mimosa to stimulate your senses. From the makers of Brickell's Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita and Crazy About You, the newest catchy-named eatery is located in the heart of Coral Gables at 225 Altara Avenue.

Bloody Mary and Mimosa

Huevos Rotos
Serrano Ham Croquettes
The first thing that will catch your eye when you arrive at Love is Blind is their romantic and inviting decor. The wooden furniture, iron work, beautiful lighting fixtures and colorful tiles come together to create an enchanting setting, fit for a memorable rendezvous. I recently visited the restaurant to taste their new brunch, and I felt right at home from the moment I walked in. To start off our Sunday Funday, we ordered a Mimosa and a Bloody Mary. Both were refreshing and addicting. Sipping my cares away, I looked at the brunch menu. (And I sipped for a while)  I'll tell you I had a hard time deciding what to choose. There were several dishes that caught my eye and made me salivate slightly. Part of the reason is that Chef Jose Liriano has prepared a menu of "world cuisine" where guests can take a culinary journey throughout the globe without ever leaving their seats. We decided to break the ice with their ever popular croquetas, appropriately named Maybe The Best Serrano Ham Croquettes. Creamy and smooth inside, with a hint of crispiness outside, our palates were awakened with a flavorful Good Morning. It had been a long night so these babies hit the spot. I noticed they offered Huevos Rotos as part of their appetizers and I knew I had to have them. This is a Spanish dish I absolutely love and their version didn't disappoint. The perfectly poached eggs were served over Confit Potatoes and topped with Iberico Ham. Delicious.

Grilled Short Rib Benedict

Chicken and Waffles

Steak and Eggs
It was time for our entrees. Now remember that Love Is Blind follows the same concept as its Brickell predecessors. You pay one price and you choose an appetizer and an entree. It happens to be that the price for brunch is 17.99, which is not only reasonable but great for the wallet of a single girl like me. I chose the Grilled Short Rib Benedict. Can I pick them or what? Just imagine toasted English Muffins topped with juicy, tasty short rib, a poached egg and creamy hollandaise sauce. I was in love and declared my passion with every bite. My partner in crime ordered the Steak and Eggs, which consisted of 3 eggs cooked to order and served with a tender slab of grilled veal churrasco. All entrees include their zesty patatas bravas as a side. I can tell you that he didn't talk much and just chewed (which is quite rare) so I know it was good. Because I'm addicted to sweet and savory and really because I can eat like the world is ending, we also sampled their Chicken and Waffles. I closed my eyes and inserted that fork without hesitation. That was a love-filled, hopelessly devoted experience. Four Belgian waffles were topped with chicken tenderloins AND Applewood bacon. Yes, I said bacon. The maple syrup was gingerly placed on the side. Of course, mine were bathed in it in an instant. What else can I tell you? Love is blind.

This Sunday, you want to drive to the Gables and check them out. For more information, you can visit their website.

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