Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cafe Prima Pasta

I've considered trying a vegan diet for a few minutes of my life, but then the aroma of a juicy steak teases my scent of smell and my salivary glands immediately revolt. However, having said that, I recently tried Cafe Prima Pasta's new summer special, and I wondered if in fact I could take the meatless plunge one day.

Starting last month and available on Tuesdays, the Italian restaurant located at 414 71st Street in Miami Beach launched their Viva Las Veggies special, complete with light and flavorful dishes perfect for Miami's summer heat. Because you need some liquid love to go with your healthy veggies, they also added some fresh new fruit juice and signature cocktail options to their "Green With Envy" Tuesday tasting menu. Offering delicious appetizer and entree choices, you would never know you're squeezing the recommended three to five servings of vegetables and two to four servings of fruit in one foodgasmic sitting.

The feast began for us with a cool, sweet Peach Puree Bellini that made my lips pucker. It was refreshing and delicious, resulting in the most suave of aperitifs. Following this pleasurable awakening, we indulged in our appetizer, a Zucchini Spring Roll stuffed with arugula, radicchio, black olives and capers, then splashed with fresh lemon juice and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. This tasteful delight was hand rolled into thin slices of zucchini and served with a truffle oil and balsamic reduction. Exquisite! Not your regular veggie meal.

Zucchini Spring Roll

Next up, we had the Garden Risotto, prepared with couscous butternut squash risotto, hearty porcini mushrooms and Mascarpone cheese on top. It had perfect texture and creaminess, with a well rounded flavor. We also sampled the Cannelloni, a spherical tube of pasta stuffed with a variety of cheeses (my favorite was the gorgonzola) in a rich, flavorful sauce. It was so delectable, I didn't have time to snap the picture before it disappeared off the plate. I'd show you the "after" picture, but I don't think you'd like to stare at an empty plate. We'll leave you with the suspense instead...

Garden Risotto

Totally delighted at this healthy, yet memorable meal, we were excited to try dessert. Out came a sweet and decadent pastry, created with dulce de leche and chocolate. It was sinful! But even more sinful, was the Chocolate Prima Martini I had to call it a night. Cafe Prima Pasta offers a variety of cocktails and martinis that will be the perfect treat after such a healthy veggie meal. The "Green With Envy" Tuesday tasting menu will rotate weekly and includes a signature cocktail made with fresh squeezed juice or glass of wine and a complimentary peach puree Bellini for the ladies for just $38.95. Viva Chef Carlos Belon for his delicious and nutritious dishes.For more information on Cafe Prima Pasta or to make reservations, you can visit them here online.

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