Thursday, August 21, 2014

Brasileiro Churrasqueria Launches A New Meat Rodizio at the Four Ambassador

If you feel like you're having a bit of deja vu, don't worry - you're not. You probably remember last year when Brasileiro Steakhouse opened at the Four Ambassador Hotel in Brickell Avenue, right at the same spot where the popular Porcao used to raise cholesterol levels with their delicious meat fest.

It turns out, new owners have revamped the place, now called Brasileiro Churrasqueria, and added a much needed and refreshing salad bar, along with a nice selection of hot and cold appetizers. Feeling carnivorous and not the least bit afraid to satisfy my urge, I headed on over to 801 Brickell Bay Drive to try the new Brazilian meat rodizio for myself.

As always, the ambiance is elegant yet relaxing at Brasileiro, with a killer view of the bay and impeccable service. After sipping a couple of Caipirinhas, we grabbed our plates and headed over to the salad bar to break the ice. A variety of fresh greens, homemade salads, cheese and hot and cold appetizers awaited us. I took a sampling of each without overdoing it. (You know I was saving myself for that picanha).

And then they came… the gauchos, armed with their skewers of drool inducing meats. Green means go, and I never wanted them to stop. Prime cuts of filet mignon wrapped in bacon, chicken, lamb and pork paraded in front of us, too tempting to turn down. The homemade sausage, full of intense flavor, was a favorite for us but it was the picanha that took the prize for the evening. Wow. It was amazing. Prepared a number of ways, each piece was as mouthwatering as the last. I momentarily forgot that there is only so much one can consume before going into a food coma. Reluctantly, I turned my card to red for a few minutes while I closed my eyes and basked in the ecstasy-filled aftermath.

Although it didn't seem possible to place another morsel of food in our mouths after that sinful feast of  the meats, the desserts were too decadent to ignore. Brasileiro offers a variety of Brazilian sweets and creative finales that you must leave some room for when you go. Oh and if you love wine as much as I do, they have now added a pretty amazing wine cellar to the mix. Nothing like pairing a good vino with the juicy carne.

A culinary experience like this, at such an affordable price, makes Brasileiro Churrasqueria a keeper in Brickell. For more information or to make reservations you can call the restaurant at 305-358-7880.

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