Monday, November 10, 2014

Petit Bistro in Miami Beach

When someone mentions Purdy Avenue, I think of Purdy Lounge and a few very interesting memories pop into my head from my newly single again days a while back. But I'm sure you don't want to read about that (or maybe you do). However, there's another spot on that very same street that has caught my eye, or my appetite, and that is Petit Bistro, located at 1929 Purdy Avenue in Miami Beach.

Petit Bistro is the latest venture of restaurateurs Luca Guelfi and Simona Miele, the dynamic duo behind several very successful restaurants in Italy and Spain. They designed Petit Bistro with the charm and warmth of the French Provence, and its décor immediately took me back to my visit there - from the pickled wood, to the antique accessories - walking into the cozy place is transcendental.  Aside from the interior space lit by an endless number of candles, there is an outdoor terrace, just as charming, that draws your attention with its simple elegance.

Salmon Tartare

Peach Bellini
Basking in the ambiance, we perused the menu and decided to start with a round of refreshing Peach Bellinis and a Salmon Tartare. Like the ambiance, the salmon tartare was flawless, prepared with avocadoes, spring onions and sweet vinaigrette. After some sweet conversation in such a magical place, we ordered our entrees. We chose the Veal Chop, which was the Special of the Day and the Tuna. Made with pistachio nuts and sunchoke puree, the texture of the tuna was impeccable. What the dish lacked in presentation, it more than made up for in taste. It was fresh, flavorful and absolutely alluring. The hit of the night, however, was the Veal Chop. I don't think we had tasted one like it before.  It was lean and tender, practically dissolving in a nirvana of deliciousness with each bite. The veal was served topped with fresh greens, cherry tomatoes and potato wedges.

Veal Chop

Nutella Cheesecake
After such an enthralling meal, we were excited about dessert. We chose the Tiramisu and the Nutella Cheesecake, both equally calling out to us. It was a sweet finale to a very memorable evening. As a matter of fact, I loved my experience so much, I just returned to Petit Bistro this weekend for another exciting adventure in what is sure to become Miami Beach's virtual trip to the French Provence. Now I have a whole other place to make memories at on Purdy Avenue.

Of course.. a café to end the evening

For more information on Petit Bistro or to make reservations, you can visit their website at or call them at 305 534-9887.

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