Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Conrad Miami's New Taste of Time Lunch

High above the sky is where I want to be sometimes in the middle of my busy day. The Conrad Miami Hotel, located at 1395 Brickell Avenue, is providing just that opportunity, with their new Taste of Time business lunch menu. Whether you want to go relax and talk about your boss, or just to impress someone with a romantic midday meal, Atrio Restaurant and Wine Room is perfect for that purpose. Situated on the 25th  floor of the hotel and offering panoramic views of the city, they will now serve you an incredible three course lunch in one hour (and they will time it with an hour glass). And the menu is quite spectacular, featuring salads prepared with local Florida produce, fresh meat or fish and a tantalizing dessert.

Atrio at the Conrad's Taste of Time Business Lunch Menu

I recently had a Taste of Time at the Conrad and the only problem was... I didn't want to leave after the hour was up. Sure I had already finished my meal, (and even indulged in a glass of champagne) and had been given spectacular service, but the ambiance was perfect, and the company just right. Let's face it, would you want to go back to the grind?

Avocado and Citrus Salad

Since summer is around the corner, I decided to start with their Avocado and Citrus Salad, drizzled with Ginger Lemongrass dressing. It was light, refreshing and a perfect starter to my meal.  While I could choose between either the Crispy Pork Belly or the Grilled Red Snapper Filet, I was feeling a little nostalgic for the ocean, so I went with the fish. It was delicious, served with a Sweet Plantain Mofongo and bathed with a carrot, cucumber and pear salsa. Now keep in mind, the menu changes periodically, so you can come back more than once, and have a variety of new options to choose from.

Grilled Red Snapper Filet
So far so great. It was time for dessert. And this came in the form of a Mango Panna Cotta Tartlet that was absolutely divine - not only for the taste buds, but for the eyes as well. It was served with the most luscious Coconut Pearls imaginable. I was in heaven - not to mention I would love a new pearl necklace to wear around my neck. But back to food....

Mango Panna Cotta Tartlet

Besides the amazing cuisine, stellar service, elegant ambiance, and perfectly timed meal, there is one more very important perk you get with the Taste of Time lunch menu at the Conrad Miami - one you just don't find in Brickell:  Complimentary Valet Parking. Yes, you read correctly. That means you don't have to worry about circling for hours in search of a parking space, or dishing out even more dough to park your car.  You get a lunch fit for a king (or a queen) for just $23 plus tax and gratuity. 

If you want more information on Atrio Restaurant and Wine Room at the Conrad Miami or their Taste of Time menu, you can visit them online here or call them at 305-503-6500.

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  1. Really Atrio Restaurant seems so good for a party with friends. My favourite order is fresh meat or salmon with a tempting dessert in famous San Francisco restaurants with my friends. Well the Grilled Red Snapper Filet seems so delicious.