Friday, April 24, 2015

The Gang Miami

What do you get when you put together a hip, Romanian husband and wife duet and an Asian fusion restaurant that serves Japanese, Thai and Indian fare? You get The Gang Miami, located at 3500 North Miami Avenue in Wnywood. A sort of new kid on the block, the trendy, urbanesque spot sports a unique decor, personally designed by its co-owner, Niculae Bogdan. Having owned other popular eateries in his native Romania,  Bogdan is steadfast in his belief that a visit to The Gang Miami is all about keeping things real. His motto is simple: We want to make this a neighborhood spot people come to, to gather and relax.

With a minimalist approach, and a keen attention to artsy detail, the restaurant is inviting and relaxed.
You will find a variety of pictures and papers taped to the walls,  along with a bike that seems to float in midair. A series of washing machines frame the bar and kitchen area, while a subliminal sign overhead speaks of how we all need to remain grounded because that's what life is about. .

The Asian fusion menu the couple offer stems from their extensive travels through the area and their passion for that part of the world. They believe in following a simple lifestyle that includes good friends, good food and a healthy lifestyle, and that's what they say they want their patrons to experience time and time again. I went with a good friend of mine to check out The Gang Miami and we sampled several of their dishes. We had a nice time, chilled a bit and enjoyed an eclectic mix of flavors that left us feeling good.

Chilled Green Papaya Salad

Shrimp Dumplings Soup
Arugula Edamame Tuna Salad
We started by sharing their Shrimp Dumplings Soup with Spinach, Scallion and Fried Garlic. After that energy boost, we sampled their Arugula Edamame Tuna Salad with a tangy miso-ginger dressing and the Chilled Green Papaya Salad prepared with cherry tomatoes, green beans, papaya and a peanut sauce.

Mamaliga with Foie Gras

Next up, we had the Mamaliga With Foie Gras. What's that, you ask? Yeah I was asking the same thing. And I will tell you it was awesome! Mamaliga is a porridge made out of yellow maize flour, sort of like the Romanian version of polenta. Delicious! This one came inside a mason jar, and was creatively topped with some foie gras.

Vietnamese Pork Rolls

Chicken Satay
Boo Shrimp Tempura
After licking our lips for a bit to enjoy every last bite of that Mamaliga, we tried the Vietnamese Pork Rolls, filled with lettuce, mint and pork and served with a tangy sauce, followed by their Boo Shrimp Tempura and their Chicken Satay. I loved the sesame crust on the shrimp and just had to keep on dipping into that intense peanut sauce.

Thai Donuts

While I really wanted to try some of The Gang Miami's main dishes, I just didn't have any room. I will definitely have to come back for that because they sound very interesting. But, I did have to satisfy my sweet tooth, so we shared what appeared to be half cocktail, half dessert. It was their version of thai donuts, with a tantalizing blend of strawberries and honey.

For more information on The Gang Miami, you can call them at 305-570-9430 or visit their website at

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