Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Open Stage Club - Happy Hour Cocktails, Bites and Oh Yeah -Singing

I'm one of those - shower singers. I admit it. The kind who secretly wishes to compete in American Idol and who sounds really good while the water is flowing and the bathroom acoustics are doing their thing.

Foodaholic Blues? This could be the start of something new..

So I happen to love taking part in some good old fashioned Karaoke. For some reason, I don't always sound quite as good as I do in the shower, but there haven't been any reported thunderstorms as a result of my singing, so I just keep on rocking. For those of you who feel the same, or who enjoy listening to a good local band in a relaxed, friendly ambiance, you should check out the Open Stage Club, a relatively new gastropub located at 2325 Galiano Street in Coral Gables. The cool thing is they offer everything from Comedy, to Latin Parties, Rock Nights, Salsa Lessons and Karaoke. And the space is nicely set up to host private events as well so it's a good venue for any kind of celebration.

The Cocorita
Mongolian MF
I went to Open Stage Club recently and had a taste of their original cocktails and menu items. I found they offer a nice variety of dishes that makes the whole experience fun and memorable. It didn't take much for me to loosen up and get ready for my vocal debut. It all began with their Cocorita,  a sweet concoction of 1800 Coconut Tequila, Triple Sec and Orange & Pineapple Juice, finished with a splash of Sprite. After downing this baby, my inhibitions were slowly fading away. Then I saw someone having their famous Mongolian MF, and I thought, who needs the shower? That potent libation had Vodka, Gin, Rum, and some Southern Comfort that could have made a wife out of me for a second time if we were in Vegas. At any rate, I was singing like a canary after that. First, I sang I Will Survive, because let's face it, it's the Women's Anthem. Then I joined the band of the night for our very own rendition of Journey's Separate Ways.

Corvina Ceviche
Fresh pieces of Corvina mixed with corn in a tangy juice

But I know you don't just want to hear about the entertainment. The food was just as fun. From their Tuna Tartar to their Pasta, I was loving it. Check out some of my favorite bites of the night.

Fiocchi with Four Cheese
Taste Pear Filled Pasta with Four Cheese Combo

Tuna Tartar
Fresh Tuna with Chili Oil. Soy Sauce, Sesame Oil and Yuzu Juice
Over an Avocado Puree

Open Stage Club is open late nights and they also just launched a whole new  Happy Hour menu. To find out more information, or to book an event, you can visit their website or call them at 305-441-7902.

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