Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Craving Colombian? Then Let's Go To Patacon Pisao in Doral

What’s your favorite Colombian dish? I got a couple but my recent craving for some Colombian food took me back to one of my favorite spots: Patacon Pisao in Doral. I remember when I started coming to this place almost 30 years ago. While it seems like a lifetime away since I took my first bite of their Colombian recipes, and like Cubans say  "como ha llovido de aquel entonces", the food is just as outstanding as it was back then and it still triggers that homey feeling of when we either went there for lunch or picked up food after work for a comfy night in watching movies at home.

I wanted to share some more of my go-to dishes at this neighborhood staple with you. Check out one of their namesake Patacones and get a taste of why they have been around for so many decades.

While you're taking a look at their delicious menu, do yourself a favor and order their famous Jugo de Pina con Yerbabuena to get the juices flowing.... literally.

There are so many appetizers to choose from, making a decision will be hard. But whether you choose their flavorful empanadas, their cheesy Arepa de Choclo, or any other starter, you won’t go wrong.

Be sure to order their Bandeja Paisa Especial. It’s a typical Colombian dish that brings together an abundant medley of food and ingredients, and their version is outstanding.

Oh and save some room from dessert. We loved the Cuatro Leches and their traditional Brevas con Arequipe y Queso. Definitely a happy ending!

I know your mouth is watering just like mine is right about now, so head on over to Patacon Pisao and let me know what dish was your favorite. For a foodgasmic reel of my latest adventure there, check out my Instagram post  Don't forget to like and share it and if you enjoy keeping up with all the food, travel and fun that's right at your fingertips, then follow me on IG and you won't miss an adventure. Can't wait to connect!

Patacon Pisao
7902 NW 36 Street
Doral, Florida

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