Wednesday, December 27, 2023

New Omakase in Doral - Rakki Sushi

There’s a new omakase in town and it’s amazing! You must must must go visit Rakki Sushi in Doral and treat yourself to an experience like no other. We recently came from Japan where we enjoyed so many omakase adventures and yet this one here has become one of our favorites. It is authentic with a sliver of Miami fusions to keep us happy. The husband and wife team is just a pleasure to talk to and really have put heart and soul into this spot. Chef Wang makes this an experience to remember by explaining each and every course and definitely knows how to bring out the flavors in each piece.

From the fresh Japanese fish you may not have ever tasted before, to the fun adventure in helping to torch the tender A5 Wagyu beef, we were smiling from beginning to end. Every bite was a pleasant surprise for our palate. You can truly hear the passion Chef Wang has for omakase as he explains why he puts together every ingredient. 
The freshness of each piece of fish and the tenderness we savored really stood out.


We indulged in their Second Bite menu which includes over 13 courses and also offers some add-ons at an incredible price. It is filling and the variety of omakase is extraordinary. They also have other menus to choose from so you can select which one is for you.

I highly recommend a visit to Rakki Sushi and Omakase. And now, if you write them an honest review on Google, you’ll receive a complimentary hand roll. Trust me, you will be more than happy to support this duo as soon as you meet them and bite into the first piece.

Let me know your favorite piece when you visit them in the comments below! To see the experience in action, check out my IG reel.  And click on the follow button so you don't miss any delicious spots to enjoy both in Miami and beyond.

Rakki Sushi and Omakase
3655 NW 107 Avenue
Doral, Florida

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