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Brasileiro Steakhouse Miami

When I think of a Brazilian Steakhouse, I usually think of rodizio. Over at the Four Ambassador Suites Hotel at 801 Brickell Bay Drive, a new Brasilian-fusion place called Brasileiro Steakhouse Miami opened about 4 months ago in the same space where the very popular Porcao reigned supreme for many decades.

I loved walking into the old hang-out and remembering the beautiful views the location has of Biscayne Bay. The decor is elegant and sleek, yet warm in its design. Right at the entrance is the bar and lounge area, and further inside is the large dining room overlooking the water. With another location in Moscow, Brasileiro is one of the newcomers to the Brickell area. Taking the reins in the kitchen is extremely talented Executive Chef Guily Booth, who has a way of combining ingredients in an endless fusion of combinations. Why would you need that in a rodizio-style steakhouse? The answer is simple. It is what makes Brasileiro stand out. In addition to offering the traditional carnivorous feast of sizzling steaks and seafood served rodizio-style in its all-you-can eat splendor, the restaurant also offers a nice a-la-carte menu that takes things to a whole new palate-pleasing level.

That is what we decided to indulge in during our adventure; focusing on some of the items on the regular menu, and some from a prix-fixe one entitled "The Fusion Diner's Menu". Picture this: three courses and a glass of wine all for $29 per person. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it's there for the taking, at least for a limited time. While we looked over the menu, I ordered a nice Malbec, medium-bodied with lingering hints of plum and coffee. Great beginning!

Beef Carpaccio Foie Gras

Octopus Carpaccio
Guilly's Crab Cake
Our feast began with a Beef Carpaccio Foie Gras, with Black Olive Tapenade and Tomato Crostini. Wow! That was one of those experiences in life you want to relive over and over. Booth really hit it out of the ball park with this one, marrying a gamma of bold textures and flavors that pretty much made our taste buds sing.  Next, we tried the Octopus Carpaccio, a visual stimulation of colors that we had to admire a few minutes before we dug in. Chef Booth prepares the masterpiece with a layer of octopus topped with chorizo dust, fried capers, diced tomatoes, lemon aioli and mandarin segments. Each bite is a surprise; might be salty and crunchy, or chewy and sweet. Who knows? Who cares? Just give me more! Next up, we sampled one of Booth's signature creations: Guily's Crab Cake. Only in traditional Booth style, it was not your ordinary crab cake. This one melted in your mouth with pure, unadulterated crabmeat. It was served with arugula, tomato, and a highly delicious secret sauce. Our final appetizer, (and yes, we had four appetizers), was the Grilled Octopus. A generous portion of tender octopus with a clean, fresh taste came served on a bed of vegetable cous cous.

Grilled Octopus

Pan Seared Grouper
Do you see the pattern of fusion here? I love how Brasileiro provides a twist on typical Brazilian dishes by infusing ingredients and touches of other cultures. It truly made the anticipation of each new course full of excitement. On to the entrees... We had the Blackened Salmon and the Pan Seared Grouper. The Salmon had a mild, smoky flavor and a flaky texture. It sat over a medley of Chorizo and Shrimp, home fries, and a creamy pool of key lime beurre blanc. The Grouper was one of those dishes I will not forget. Starting with the crisp, golden brown crust to the delicate, firm texture of the fish, it was seared to perfection. But that in itself was not what made this dish so memorable. For me, it was the layers of complementing touches Booth added to the experience. For example,  the roasted pepper salad just underneath the fish, the bold goat cheese and sweet malanga mash that cradled it; and perhaps my favorite, the incredibly flavorful shrimp bisque sauce that sealed the deal. It was an arousal and awakening of each region of my taste buds and I was mesmerized.

Almond Tiramisu

Although I didn't think we could fit anything else in, I couldn't turn down dessert. We sampled the Almond Tiramisu and the White Chocolate Bread Pudding. The tiramisu was light and silky while the bread pudding was warm, rich and moist. It was an amazing ending to an amazing dinner. 

White Chocolate Bread Pudding
If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Brasileiro Miami yet, I highly recommend you go as soon as you can and taste the cultural experience for yourself. Like, what about this weekend? For more information, you can call them at 786-502-3829 or visit them online at

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