Saturday, September 1, 2018

Get Your Lunch Groove on With Pisco y Nazca's Miami Spice Menu

A long day at work can be made much shorter with something pleasurable and satisfying in between. Before you go off in a whole other direction, I'm referring to a good lunch you sickos. Although now that I see where you're going with this....

I was having one of those days last week while driving through Kendall, and as I looked to the side and noticed it was noon, I thought why not bring a little Miami Spice to my life? I turned into The Palms at Town & Country at 8405 Mills Drive and stopped in one of the few places offering Miami Spice for lunch on a Monday in Kendall: Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar.

It was one of the best ideas I had all day. The Miami Spice Menu at Pisco y Nazca is fabulous, offering a nice variety of appetizers and entrees, and most importantly, my favorite Peruvian dessert. But first thing is first.

I happen to love Causas. I make those potato delights at home all the time, I crave them at least once a week, and Pisco y Nazca offered two different ones on their Miami Spice menu as an appetizer, among other things. There was a Causa Crocante prepared with panko shrimp and a Causa Tartar made with tuna. Need I say more? Which one do you think I chose?

Causa Tartar

That's right my foodie friends. I went straight for the Causa Tartar.  It was delicious... three creamy, whipped potato bites topped with fresh tuna tartar and asian aioli on a wonton crisp. After a few minutes of foodgasmic ecstasy, my entree arrived.

Ceviche Cremoso

Once again there was a nice variety of dishes to select from, providing a little something for every palate.  From the Lomo Saltado Sandwich to the Que Bestia Burger., they all sounded amazing. But my heart was there for one thing and one thing only... Ceviche. I had the Ceviche Cremoso, a mix of fish, shrimp and leche de tigre, perfectly balanced with celery, aji limo, corn and sweet potato. A generous portion of Peruvian love.

I was happy, my heart and tummy were content, and it was time for this Miami Spice adventure to start winding down. We were going to do that with the final course... dessert.  Pisco y Nazca offers two options on their Miami Spice lunch menu. Crema Volteada and Suspiro. I had the one that always calls out to me in Peruvian restaurants: the Suspiro Limeno.


Their version is a little different than the ones I've had before. It wasn't as rich and had less of a creamy consistency, but it hit the spot none the less. It was a sweet ending to a memorable lunch rendezvous with Miami Spice. Don't worry... this one doesn't have to be kept a secret.

For more information on Pisco y Nazca in Kendall, visit their website or call them at 305-630-3844.

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