Friday, August 2, 2019

Table 55 - Eat Here If You Know What's Good For You They Say

Psst! Bet you didn't know there is an amazing spot for dinner and drinks inside the Hilton Miami Dadeland hotel at 9100 North Kendall Drive. The charming restaurant is Table 55, and their motto is "Eat Here If You Know What's Good For You".

I can see what they mean. Table 55 is one of those gems arising in the Kendall area that serves not only delicious fare, but healthy too. The story goes it got its name from the land underneath it. Once upon a time back in the Spring of 1882, a Florida native by the name of Henry Kendall experienced a recurring dream. He saw himself managing a whole lot of acres of fruit groves and fertile land. While the dreams stopped, his destiny did not, and less than a year later, Kendall purchased 55 acres of land that would bear fruit and would later be dubbed as "the freshest in the south land".


This is the philosophy still followed today in that very same land where Table 55 stands. Meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients around and you can taste the quality in every bite. Many things have changed since Kendall's dreams began, but throughout the transformation of that very same spot, Table 55 continues to live the tradition of providing Miami's peeps with tasty, healthy meals. I got to experience the legacy for myself on a recent adventure and I can tell you I left with a smile on my face and happy that a location so close to me would be serving this farm-to-table kind of food.


Because every good dining experience begins with a drink, we started the evening with a refreshing sweet lychee cocktail specially prepared for us. It definitely got us ready for the foodielicious parade that was coming up. Since Table 55 is all about farm fresh produce, instead of opening the dinner with bread, we sampled house pickled vegetables. And they were phenomenal. A platter of pickled peppers, onions, carrots and other delights was placed in front of us with a special house made vinaigrette we could squirt on the vegetables that gave them a kick.

Lychee Cocktail
Kenn Mango and Grapefruit Salad

Cheers to Kendall
One of the primary suppliers for Table 55 is the Sam Accursio & Sons Farm in Homestead. The Accursio family has been in the farming business for over 60 years so they have a knack for making fresh taste even fresher. After learning that, it was no wonder that everything we put in our mouth tasted so good. But back to the meal, every course was paired with a glass of wine that complemented the flavors of the dish and we were very pleased with the combination of ingredients the chef used to prepare his creations. Without further ado, below is a snapshot and description of each plate we sampled.

Reds and Whites abounded during the feast

Kenn Mango and Grapefruit Salad - Refreshing and light,
this platter was a delicious starter to the meal.
Scallops With Potato Salad - This potato salad had
a smoky taste that was unbelievable and the mustard
seeds added additional texture to the dish.
Prawns With Chimichurri - The chimichurri sauce was
homemade and elevated the prawns to new levels.
Stuffed Yellowtail Snapper - The fish was tender and mild
and the stuffing added extra flavor to the fish.

 Banana Chocolate Cream Mousse- What can I say? This
dessert tickled my palate. It was topped with hazelnut cream
and served with a passion fruit sorbet. Think of it as a
Crème Brulee on steroids.
Me and the amazing Chef Christopher Huff

Not only does Table 55 offer excellent food, but they have a great happy hour as well. Whether for a complete meal and conversation, or healthy appetizers and luscious libations, take a drive to Kendall and see for yourself. For more information on Table 55 or to make reservations, you can contact them at 786-358-5588 or visit their website here.

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